Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New hybrid camera/camcorder, the Sanyo Xacti HD700

So I was browsing Amin's Photo blog, which you may remember for their excellent Ricoh GX100 vs Leica Digilux 2 shootout, and I noticed in their news pipeline the announcement of a new camera. More specifically it is a hybrid camera/camcorder from Sanyo.

Details on the camera from (computer-translated) and Let's Go but I'm sure more links will spring up any minute now. This is the computer-translated Sanyo press release

Meet the Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700

  • 7mp 1/2.5" CCD sensor
  • Supports up to 8gb SDHC
  • 2.4fps (5 still frames) burst mode (aka "connected copying" in computer-translated speak)
  • A 5x optical zoom lens (38-190mm)
  • PSAM!
  • Interpolates up to 10mp for still images (although interpolation has become a dirty word in recent years)
  • At the highest quality mode you can store almost 2 hours of 720p high definition video on an 8gb SDHC memory card
  • This camera is really tiny and stores video on SD/MMC memory cards only using MPEG4/H.264
  • It has a "eFace chaser" feature and digital image stabilization. Apparently "face chaser" is the actual name of the feature, it is not a computer-translated term, although it sure does sound like one. Most companies call it face detection.
  • Goes on sale in Japan in mid-October for around 70,000 yen
  • Available in three colors, red, brown and silver
  • Initial monthly production output is 20,000 (per month)
  • USA price is $600 with an October 2007 release date. You can pre-order now!


    amin said...

    With each iteration, I am more tempted by the Xacti line. I don't often find the need for video though, so my inclination is to wait for the still photography side of the hybrid to mature a bit more. Thanks for the link back to my blog!

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    You are welcome! Indeed they are improving, and trying to ride the HD bandwagon as well.

    Perhaps this new 6mp 60fps/200fps from Sony will redefine hybrids?