Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

Lots of excitement today as people have been digesting things throughout the weekend. Let's get started with a Pentax K10D vs Canon 40D face-off from a forum user who owns both! Discussion of noise and RAW samples as well. This thread has some interesting twist and turns. Another user talks of 40D haze not to be confused with Jimmi Hendrix's Purple Haze. Michael R of Luminous has posted a 40D hands-on as well, and his hands-on is reviewed in the forums.

Whenever you read internet forum, you should expect to find some trolls (picture in link). But just becuase someone is not happy wiht a product they are not necessarily a troll. For example, there is some E3 disappointment in the Olympus camp based on the leaked specs mentioned at dpreview earlier today. And this user is unhappy with the way the 1d Mk III has been treated. Meanwhile the Nikon D3 shots from IFA Berlin continue to cause a raucus.

More Canon 40D as it takes pictures of the moon as seen from Manila. And while Canon 40D are all over the net, people are worried and wondering why so little from the Nikon D300? More on the Olympus E3 posting at dpreview.com. A slightly older discussion on the Olympus E-P1 (prototype name for the E3) is here. A discussion of the announcement of the official announcement is there.

The Casio 60fps continue to be discussed by all denominations. It is something different and as such it has more potential and more unknowns which lets the imagine fly! Meanwhile an interview with a Nikon vampire got one person thinking that the Nikon D3 sensor may not be Bayer but rather a true RGB? Is that true or Foveon-dreaming? And while we are on the topic of sensors, here is a detailed discussion on the Nikon D300 sensor

The Canon G9 buzz is starting up as well. Release date discussion, and a first picture taken by the G9 is discussed. But that's not enough, dcresource's G9 gallery is analyzed and scrutinized (guess the Bob Dylan song and win no prizes!). And something raw

The praises of the Fuji F20 are sung. If you like cat pictures, this cat's on a tree!. User tips for the Fuji S9000/S9500.

Even the correct pronounciation of Nikon creates a 100 post thread!. Help this user choose a DSLR!. An interesting encounter with a street urchin. If you need confirmation that men are pigs, here it is! :)

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