Monday, September 24, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums (a Photography Soup spin-off)

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Sony A700

  • An interview with a Sony vampire
  • A discussion on the quality of Sony A700 out of camera JPEGs
  • Discussions on Carl Garrand's A700 preview.
  • The Sony A700 price in the UK is discussed
  • And a face-off, 40D vs A700
  • IR's samples are revisited
  • Why dance when you can pixel peep!. Peep, peep!
  • The A700 visits the Cleveland Zoo
  • This user shares his A700 thoughts after two days on assignment
  • A post-processed A700 sunset
  • Throw your bias out the window, here comes another blind test
  • Another RAW vs JPEG debate with a A700 flavor.
  • Impatiently waiting for reviews.

    Canon 40D
  • Noise tests, noise tests, gather around the big LCD and let's noisify! 20D vs 40D
  • Spirited discussion of CNet's 40D review
  • And a face-off, 40D vs A700
  • What can the 40D do at ISO 6400? And some ISO tests. And high ISO tests
  • When do you use highlight tone priority?
  • Now how about taking the camera outdoors, for example, Yosemite? Or perhaps take it to the ballgame, or to the cheerleaders.
  • Decisions, decisions, what to do what to do...
  • Focus issues revisited
  • You paid your money on the 40D, how about saving some cash with some bang for the buck lenses?
  • Another user shares his 40D thoughts
  • Tired of all the technobabble, here are some 40D Roses

    Nikon D300
  • Discussion on samples from Japanese message boards
  • Is it too early to determine how the D300 does ISO-wise?
  • Buying trade-offs, the D300 with an all-in-one lens or the D80 with a pro lens?
  • On Nikon and official samples
  • Has the D300 started a revolution or not? And a similar discussion, what is its signifigance in the grand scheme of things?
  • Is the D300 better at ISO 3200 than the 40D at 1600?
  • Think before you buy. Editorial Note: We highly recommend doing that for every purchase, not just cameras :-)

    Nikon D3 Discussions
  • Canon users discuss the Nikon D3 at a wedding. Nikon users discuss it too. What are they discussing? Cliff Mautner's wedding photos.
  • Is the D3 worth the $5000 jump?
  • On D3's focus points
  • Compare and contrast the D3 and D300 for action shooting
  • Lens suggestions for the D3 to replace the 18-200VR used with DX DSLRs.
  • And D3 vs film revisited
  • Reactions to dpreview preview of the D3

    All other discussions
  • A tale of a photographer, a soccer mom and the police. No, not Sting's Police. Blue turtles were not harmed in the posting of this message.
  • If you love cats and cat pictures, you will love this thread!. And how about some Pentax Dogs, and some more pictures threads, closeups, the Sunday Bird and the weekly wildlife.
  • Pixel peepers only!
  • Should this user go to Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 or not?
  • A discussion on the past, present and future of Kodak
  • Hot pixels spark a hot discussion on B&H Photo's return policy
  • Unearth your AAA card! You may be able to get 10% off Circuit City purchases
  • On technology and technology history and such
  • Express your feelings to this Memo to Canon thread.
  • Blast from the past: Revisiting the Nikon D100
  • Deep from within the BBC bowels, a 40 year old Ansel Adams interview
  • Dpreview News! Phil Askey reveals the reason why the reviews have been a little bit slow. And it's not what the naysayers where conspiracy-theoring about. It is quite the opposite. New offices and a new custom built studio. Thank you Amazon dollars? :)
  • Pop Photo's image stabilization test shakes things up
  • The LaLaLa Times on film is not dead
  • On Fuji, past present and future. And a farewell to Photonix.
  • I'm glad my blog does not have millions of visitors, then I would have to deal with this on a daily basis :)
  • Discussion on!
  • New Yorker magazine on Leicas. A match made in Gold :-)
  • Coffee as a developer?
  • Good starting advise on getting a desktop computer for photoediting purposes.

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