Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pho Soup (Sept 6): More on Sony A700, two Olympus cameras announced in Japan

  • has a long report from the Sony A700 presentation in Japan. The link is computer-translated but camera-speak is not hard to figure out. Some of the tidbits based on computer-translated text: New lens prices in Yen: 16-105mm DT for" 73.5K, 18-250mm DT for around 81K, and the 55-200mm for 42K... More details on the Exmor sensor and noise reduction... New image stabilization system ("hand being off-center revision")... Sony estimates to sell 920,000 DSLR units in 2007, and 1 million next year... Talk of promoting the A700 with promotional tracks driving around the country... They want to offer value and attract young people and women as buyers... Monthly production output: Starting at 30,000 per month, and then dropping to 20,000... Flagship is coming later on...
  • The monthly production output is interesting because is exactly half of the Nikon D300 which means Sony expects this camera to sell to a variety of people. This also means that they are likely to be more price sensitive, unless of course there is huge demand for the camera at the list price, in which case they will be partying all night long :)
  • Also at, two Olympus cameras are announced officially in Japan. The cameras were already announced elsewhere, this is just their Japanese intro. We are talking about the Olympus Stylus 795SW which is a more direct upgrade to the 770SW than the more bijou-ish 790SW, and the Stylus 830 (which goes by the mju name elsewhere). We talked about the ten new Olympus digital cameras earlier. They were announced in the long shadow of the Nikon D3 and D300 so a number of people may not even know about them.
  • Catch up with the latest industry news at Imaging Insider. There you will read about Kodak PREPS software, yet another war on photographers (this time under the banner of religion), more on the Sony A700, more fallout from the Queen photoshoot kerfufle, and tons more!

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