Saturday, September 8, 2007

Photography Soup (Sept 8): Sony A700 reactions and other stories

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  • A new Sony A700 first impressions page is available, this time at
  • More news than CNN at the Imaging Insider. A sampling of the recent stories posted there: An Ansel Adams exhibit, Pentax goes cruising, JFK Jr photo, Nguyen Ba Khoan, film grain, camera reviews, podcasts, press releases, how to tips, and lots more!

    Sony A700 reactions
  • Full size samples from the Sony A700 at Fotopolis are discussed in Sony SLR Talk @ dpreview.
  • Discussion of an ISO 100 sample (from Catalan magazine)
  • This time the subject are ISO 1600 and higher full resolution sample pictures from Quesabesde.
  • Discussion of pre-production samples from CameraLabs
  • Some Sony-Minolta users are celebrating the absence of Live View. IMHO, the current Live View implementations in DSLRs leave a lot to be desired, especially when you can get seamless live preview on a $100 digital point and shoot camera. So until Live View (and the necessary technology) advances further along, I don't think it's a big deal one way or the other. I'm not saying that it is not helpful, just that it's not a top tier feature. More on Live View in this discussion
  • A "choose-athon" between the A700, D300 and 40D
  • This user thinks that the A700 is one step behind. Not everyone agrees with him.
  • Did the A700 trounce the Canon 5D?. And discussion on noise comparisons (of the apples and tangerines variety)
  • Pre-order support group
  • Sony shares fall after A700 announcement. Coincidence?
  • According to a newswire story Sony has a 4.5% market share in Japan in the first half of 2007, with Pentax ahead at 6.7% and Olympus slightly behind at 4.3%
  • Noise at ISO 6400 discussed
  • A general discussion on the Sony A700
  • And some Sony-Minolta lens talk
  • Sony Pride
  • One disappointment

    Other Stories
  • Olympus E3 sensor debate. Is it a FFT CCD? Is it Live nMOS? Is it a hybrid? Is it something new? What is it? Please Olympus come down from your mountain and tell us, we can't wait until October 17!
  • This user claims (and I stress claims)that Reuters gave Canon a tomatoe (oops, I mean, an ultimatum)
  • A NYC councilman's proposed new law would kill street photography, and create Orwellian "voyeurism charges" against just about anyone. This is yet another situation where instead of fixing the root cause of a problem, people are attempting to treat the symptoms.
  • Touched by greatness! This forum user was priviledged to touch a Nikon D3.
  • Using brick and mortar camera stores as "internet showrooms" - a debate in ethics and such
  • This user thinks that Canon hit a home run with the EOS 40D
  • Nikon D300 and noise
  • The announcement of Paintshop Pro X2 is discussed. Corel's Paintshop Pro Photo X2 will be released around September 20.

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