Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photography shows on TV (USA, September 2007)

This will continue to be updated throughout the month, but always check with your local listings. The times mentioned here are pacific time. Add +3 for Eastern (New York City time)

  • Tue, Sept 4, syndicated, An Eye for an Eye: A woman sues an adult pictures photographer for unsolicited use of her photo.
  • Wedn, Sept 5, syndicated, Judge Maria Lopez. A woman demands a refund for a wedding photographer.
  • Fri, Sept 7, Anaconda on Discovery HD Theater: South African photographer Austin Stevens tries to capture a wild anaconda
  • Sun, Sept 9, 1:30pm, Radical Sabbatical. A successful fashion/beauty photographer wants to open a dog spa instead, repeat, on Fine Living
  • Sun, Sept 9, 2pm, Go for It!, in the episode titled "Scuba Diving in Australia" they feature an underwater photographer. (Repeat), on Fit-TV
  • Tue, Sept 11 at 705am on MPLEX and 905am on one of the Encore channels, The Linda McCartney story (then Linda Eastman). This is based on the book Linda McCartney: A Portrait by Danny Fields. Yes, that's how she met Paul McCartney, as a photographer.
  • Tue, Sept 13, 4pm and 11pm, Impact: Stories of Survival. One of the stories is Photographer Electrocuted

  • Times for these may vary from local station to local station, so I am only providing the titles. Be sure to check with your local listings for air dates and airtimes
  • At Close Range with National Geographic, photographer Joel Sartore shoots in some of the world's most exotic locations (1 hour long)
  • Expedition Florida: "The Wild Heart of Florida" Photographers Jeff Ripple and Clyde Butcher search for the rare ghost orchid
  • Independent Lens episode titled "Revolucion: Five Visions" Five Cuban photographers have very different perspectives on their art and the Cuban Revolution. More details on this at the Imaging Insider
  • Antiques Roadshow: In an episode entitled "Hot Springs", signed Ansel Adams phtoographs are featured.
  • Travels to the Edge With Art Wolfe, a 30-minute photography/travel series.

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