Monday, September 24, 2007

Photography Soup (Monday Sept 24)

And we are back with another edition of the Photography Soup!

Overheard in the dpreview forums

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    Around the Internets
  • dpreview informs us that Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 is coming out for Windows for $90, while the Mac edition will follow suit in early 2008.
  • What does it take to become an Imaging Insider? The answer is right under your nose. Read The Imaging Insider! A sampling of some of their latest stories: PMA's monthly printing report, FotoNation invades Japan, a new post by Ken Rockwell, anorexia, unsupported RAW files in Aperture, press releases, reviews, how-to tips, podcasts and lots more!
  • One of the stories featured on Imaging Insider is Scott Kelby's hands-on experience with the highly anticipated Nikon D3. Check Scott Kelby's blog for all the juicy details. And you have a chance to ask Scott a question or two!. And here's a Nikon D3 glacier shot. For more, check out the Scott Kelby blog
  • More megapixels are not necessarily better, in fact, they can be worse says
  • Carl Garrand has officially posted his Sony A700 preview
  • CNet shares with the world their Canon 40D review.
  • David Ziser shares his hands-on experience with the Canon 1Ds Mk III and 40D at a wedding.
  • PC World discusses Fuji's plan to move camera manufacturing to China. There we learn that Fuji increased its business year sales forecast by 200,000 units to 8 million total units. This is a healthy increase of 2 million units from the previous business year. Thank you SD card!

    This Noisy Blog
  • We have two front runners in our "You Decide the Next Buzz Camera" poll, the Ricoh GX100 with a slight lead over the Canon A650IS. If A650IS had RAW it would have been an ideal candidate for a versatile mid-range prosumerish camera. Other DIGIC II Canon A-series cameras had some RAW ability with the CHKD operating software, but it's probably too early to speculate that. And here is a brief explanation why I chose each one of the cameras in the poll.
  • What are all these "product name clouds" you may have noticed in the blog? They are brand new Amazon widget feature called the Product Cloud.
  • Our most exciting DSLR of the season poll has 19 days left before closing. Currently the Nikon D3 has a slight lead over the Nikon D300 and the mythical Olympus E3/E-P1. Meanwhile the mythical Pentax K1D/K12D has a razor thin margin over the mythical Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon 40D rounds out the top six vote getters.

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