Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Photography Soup (Sept 12, 2007)

  • A new poll has been added in the left column where the readers will decide a future blog feature. More details here
  • If you like photography books, this may entice you to buy more!
  • If you missed our 4th review, the October 2007 issue of the Miller/USA edition of Digital Photographer, you can catch it here
  • Also our most exciting DSLR poll is still open, with the Nikon D3 having a slight lead over the Nikon D300 and the mythical Olympus E3. The mythical next Pentax DSLR holds the #4 spot. The poll is located in the left-column of this blog, a couple of page-downs down.

    Around the Internets
  • reviews the Panasonic FZ18, the $400 18x superzoom that has put price-pressure on other 18x superzooms but also the "traditional" 12x superzooms. The times they are a-ch-ch-ch-changing!
  • Lots of new news at the Imaging Insider, including but not limited to rumors of Google trying their hand at a photographer's market (read to find out), pro-photographer legal news, camera and lenses reviews, photo exhibits and workshops, Photoshop for iPhones (???) and a lot more!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Everyone's favorite debate, Bayer vs Foveon, episode #4103.
  • Left eye
  • Why are you upset with the Canon 40D?. This one is losing faith in Canon.
  • How do you compare the Canon 40D vs the Sony A700?
  • Disappointment about the Olympus E3? It hasn't even been announced!
  • Official Nikon D3 samples from Nikon!. Enjoy the debate and the images! And some Nikon D300 high ISO images (pbase). And official D300 sample pictures directly from Nikon Japan.
  • More on Nikon's 14-bit vs 12-bit
  • Of Noise and Nikons (D3 vs D300)
  • The Canon 1D Mark III auto focus kerfuffle kerfuffles on
  • The real price difference between the 40D and D300 is much smaller according to this discussion
  • Wedding or D3?. How about K10D or D300?. Speaking of the K10D is its sensor-shift stabilization up to one stop better than K100D? (discussion of the Pop Photo article)
  • How about the K10D vs the 1D Mark III (portrati comparision)
  • Some Pentax users want to split their forum because of too much traffic. Debate ensues. Forum aside, some people are getting restless waiting for the new Pentax DSLR announcement
  • Don't you just love people who register just to post a dramatic thread?. Oh the drama continues to flow...
  • Not everone is happy at Nikonsville
  • More on Leica (or bust)
  • Why do they offer Live View without twist and shout LCDs?
  • Interview with a Canon vampire
  • Disappointed with the FZ50?. And prices are dropping
  • Some more Panasonic FZ18 shots (remember, this is the Panasonic 18x super/hyper zoom that forced everyone to cut their prices). Some FZ18 sample fotos
  • How much do you trust owner ratings?
  • Some street shooting with the Ricohs. Someone thinks the GX100 is awful(ly good)
  • New Sony telephoto lenses? The A700 hands-on discussion continues. And some discussion on the A700's AF. Signs that the A700 will be successful
  • Answer us Nikon, why is the D300 more expensive than the A700?
  • If there wasn't enough D3 coverage, check the whole Nikon D3 forum :)
  • More on megapixels
  • Classic troll post
  • If it's free, I won't take three, I'll take it all!

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