Sunday, September 2, 2007

Photography Soup (September 2nd)

The Photography Soup returns as the dust has finally settled from the Nikon D3/D300 extravaganza and we can use the kitchen again :) Today's bowl of Pho Soup consists of the "Overheard in the dpreview forums" recurring segment.

  • This user is thrilled by the high ISO samples from the Nikon D300. This other user wants to know why is the Nikon D3 a must-have camera. And a Canon user considers it.
  • Speaking of Canon, here is one spirited 40D forum review and debate. Direct link to the Canon 40D review by Roland Lim
  • If you need 12 megapixels in a compact digital camera please stand up!
  • How does live view affect entry-level DSLRs?
  • Lens bragging rights: Does Olympus have any competitors to Canon's L-series lenses?
  • Troll of the month is nominated
  • Fuji F30/F31fd vs F40fd (the battle for the low noise crown?)
  • Discussion of Sean Reid's Ricoh GX100 review. His website uses the subscription model so only paying members can read his review (and other articles).
  • Some picture threads for a change: Weekly closeup, a Barn Owl, first attempt at nudes (pictures in the link, do not click if you think you may be offended by humans without clothes), Aurora Borealis, and some sports (pictures).
  • Some terminology discussions
  • One fault with the Panasonic L10
  • Deciding which magazines to subscribe to. And here's an interesting trade-off, buy Photoshop or a DSLR?
  • Feel free to judge
  • There is some interest in the Samsung Pro815

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