Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Photography Soup (September 4): Sony, Olympus and Morning Coffee

  • Sony makes an announcement in Japan, but it's not the one we have all been waiting for. Instead it is the announcement of the T200, T70 and H3 that have already been announced in other markets. Computer-translated details from digitalcamera.jp and Sony Japan
  • dpreview officially informs us that October 17 (wow that's a long time!) will be the day Olympus will unveil the E3 (aka E-P1). In a rare occurence, dpreview recaps the E3 leaks so far, namely 10mp sensor, 5fps, 11pt AF, Live View etc.
  • Regular readers of the Imaging Insider may recall reading about that on August 28. But the news never stop at the Imaging Insider. Some of their latest: Hasselblad's new Master photographer, HP, underwater, new marketing person at Olympus America, photography podcasts, camera reviews, how to tips, and lots more. Also be sure to check out their thought-provoking Morning Coffee story. One of the podcasts featured talks of the Nikon D3/D300.
  • Another story seen at the Imaging Insider is a report on July camera sales in Japan. I will post a Numbers feature on this later today. Stay tuned!

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