Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Photography Soup (September 5): Canon A720IS delayed in Japan

  • News from Japan: According to Canon is delaying the launch of the Powershot A720-IS. This camera follows-up on the A710, however, it has been overtaken by the A650-IS (confusing eh?) which now really looks like a G9-Lite, except it actually has twice the battery life with a set of AA NiMH rechargeables... Also we find out some news about a Panasonic manganese battery (no, their battery is not used to power Manga).
  • September 6 is the big day for Sony it seems. DCresource which keeps a calendar of upcoming reviews (and major events) on their website has adjusted the something new date from September 7 to September 6. And they just posted their Canon SD850-IS review. (The SD800-IS is the one that starts at 28mm). Also there you will find galleries from production units from some two highly anticipated cameras, the Canon G9 and the Panasonic FZ18. Also galleried (new word: meaning a gallery has been posted using pictures from this camera), is the budget superzoom-IS Kodak EasyChair EasyShare Z712-IS. The galleries are posted in typical dcresource style in anticipation/preparation of their upcoming reviews. Unfortunately Panasonic FZ18 fans will have to wait until October for their review, but the FZ18 will be the first camera reviewed when dcresource returns from vacation. But other reviews have been posted, check the dpreview Panasonic forum for discussions and links.
  • In the meantime, more and more news at I-Squared, including links to Thom Hogan's Q&A on the new Nikon D3/D300, meerkats discovering photography (and then posting in the dpreview forums about how noisy the camera was), motion blur tips, new software announcements, books, camera reviews, tips, microstock talk, podcasts and tons more! And a big thank you to the Imaging Insider for their continued support of this noisy blog.
  • Thanks to the AV100Fun forum for linking to this noisy blog.

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