Sunday, September 9, 2007

Review #4: Digital Photographer (USA, October 2007 edition)

Items of Interest

  • Their "Digital Insider" is a nice round-up of new (at the time of writing) relevant technology
  • The cover of this magazine promotes "30 new models" yet their feature inside only has 20 models. A recount has been ordered ;-) They also inaccurately attribute a DXG camera to Casio. Ouch! Their round-up is nicely done in compacting 20 cameras in just two pages. The "new" models are the likes of Panasonic FX-100, Kodak M-series, and Samsung L830/etc. Not new in terms of "real time", but new in "magazine time".
  • Other items of interest: An eight page gallery of reader submitted pictures, short articles on filters, file formats (JPEG, TIFF, RAW, etc), panoramic images, levels and layers.

    Reviewing the Reviews
  • I do not like their disclaimer where they are washing their hands of responsibility for errors in camera specifications. Take ownership people :)
  • The best review of the lot was the one for the Fuji S700 by Ron Eggers. Given the format and the limited amount of space, he covered most of the things one would expect in such a review. To nitpick though: There was no picture of the back of the camera, even though the buttons on the back of the camera were referenced in the review. And calling 38mm in a digital camera wide-angle may be a bit of a stretch
  • The review for the Casio EX-Z1050 was even shorter, but it was also an okay review given the camera type and format of the review. This camera was recently reviewed at dcresource
  • Another okay review was that of the Canon TX-1 which was hampered by the awkwardness of the TX-1 design. I would have liked to see a bit more on the movie mode since this camera's claim to fame is being a hybrid. And to nitpick: Mangos are no longer exotic - they are available in almost every grocery store ;)
  • Then we have reviews of the GE A830 and GE G1, by two different reviewers who were both mesmerized by the in-camera panorama stitching feature, and both underplayed the turtle speed of autofocus. One reviewer casually mentioned it took 4 seconds. The GE A830 review had some bad moments, for example it mentioned Image Stabilisation as a feature without explaining what kind (optical, mechanical/sensor-shift, digital, smoke and mirrors, etc), and made a rather inaccurate comment on the availability of spot-metering only in high-end digital cameras and DSLRs. But the review did explain the benefits of rechargeable AA NiMH batteries which I agree with.

  • The only camera ad was for the hybrid Sanyo E1.
  • Ad-ratio: 15 pages out of a total of 92 pages were ads.

    Books Reviewed in this issue

  • If you like to read/flip through magazines and you like magazines that have a low percentage of advertising and cover digital only, this is a good option for you
  • Obviously do not expect to get the same level of detail as you would get online or from the detailed dpreview reviews, and the "news" in all magazines are "tape delayed".
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