Friday, September 14, 2007

Review #5: Popular Photography and Imaging, October 2007

  • And we have noisy review #5! This is yet another magazine. This review is only for the print magazine and nothing else (eg I am not looking at
  • Ad-Ratio: Around 67 out of 126 pages were advertisments. Yes, more than half of this magazine is advertising. Which is great if you like to flip through colorful and creative (and mundane) ads :-)

  • Only one camera review in this issue, the Kodak Z885. The reviewer was impressed/obsessed with ISO 8000 which is really silly because this was a 2mp mode on a camera with a 1/1.8" sensor. Come on Pop Photo you should know better than that! Other than that it was a reasonable review given the limitations and restrictions of their format.
  • Two lens reviews were posted of the Leicasonic D Summilux 25mm f1.4 4/3rds lens, and the Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 DC OS, Shiguma's second OS lens.
  • A case for the HP R937 was made in a half-page segment (in answering a reader question about getting a camera that also serves as a photo display). The camera's claim to fame is a 3.6" LCD.
  • The most interesting feature of this issue was a two page comparison of lens and in-body image stabilization systems. A number of IS/VR/OS lenses and DSLRs with sensor anti-shake were compared. While their tests were not exhaustive or comprehensive, they do provide some interesting results. In general it looks like lenses provide a 2-3 stop advantage, while in-body stabilization is a 2 to 2.5 stop advatange. The most effective lens according to their tests was the Nikon 18-200mm DX VR with a 3-4 stop advantage, while the worse was also a Nikkor, the 80-400 f4.5-5.6D ED AF-S VR with a 1.3-2 stop advantage. Overall this is a nice feature and a good idea! (Pages 74 and 75). It may also be posted online at
  • Some other stories in this issue that may be of interest: Photographer's Guide to Video cameras, Places to rent gear and what stuff to rent to make the most out of the rental, the 11th Commandment (pictures from Israel), and a feature on Rodolphe Simeon
  • There are a few more other features, tidbits, howtos, mini-news bullets and such as well, along with their monthly flashback feature.
  • Conclusion: This issue is geared more toward general purpose photography than specifically digital or gearheads. If you like to browse through many colorful ads, this is for you. If you find ads annoying, look elsewhere. It has a good amount of pictures, but it's not a gallery showcase magazine

    In this segment we look at which camera and lens manufacturers are advertising in this issue. This is not a list of all advertisers. Only those mentioned above along anything else that I may find interesting or noteworthy or bizarre :) Unless otherwise indicated each ad mentioned below takes up one magazine page.
  • Stunning Nikon (two pages) with Beth Wald taking shots in South China Sea
  • Pentax/Pentaxian die-hard Kerrick James
  • Sanyo Eneloops (a rather silly ad with dozens of mouse pointers flying - what were they thinking?)
  • Nikon Mentor Series Puerto Rico (two pages), with Mark Alberhasky and Rob Van Petten
  • eMusic (what????)
  • Sony "your pictures are stable. our competition is shaking"
  • Sony "Get Schooled" promotion promotion (not a typo, they are promoting an upcoming promotion)
  • Panasonic TZ3 black
  • Tokina ATX 124 AF PRO DX (aka AF 12-24 f4)
  • Sam's Club Digital Photo Center (no, you don't get a 48pk of toilet paper with each photo center purcase)
  • Sony digital days beginner digital workshop
  • DxO Optics Pro 4.5 (half a page)
  • Sony digital days intermediate digital workshop
  • Nikon school (half a page or so)
  • BuyDig with a new (to me) ad
  • Sigma 18-200 DC OS lens, inside back cover. This lens is reviewed in this issue
  • Sigma SD14 (back cover)

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