Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rumors: Two Full Frame Nikon cameras in the pipeline (aka Nikon Gone Wild)

While the next Photography Soup is coming on Monday, this I had to post tonight because it is a very interesting and exciting rumor/speculation/leak/etc. It concerns the Nikons. Apparently they are not done with "surprises". They have two more in the works. Again, please keep in mind that these are not official announcements!

I am talking about this post in the Nikon dpreview DSLR forum. As to be expected with such a dramatic post, the reactions from some forum readers are all over the place. From full on dramatic, to conspiracy theorists to smear campaigns, personal attacks, selling the house to buy the new cameras, etc, etc.

According to the post, there will be two full frame cameras (FX for short, thank you Nikon for coming up with a simpler term!), but only one will be a DSLR!

The prestigious flagship that will be designed to outdo the Canon 1Ds will cost five figures ($10K or more). The flagship model will allegedly be the mythical modular DSLR design with a selection of available sensors, including a 6mp ISO 51200, and also Nikon's own non-Bayer/Foveonesque sensor. There is also talk of adding an extra processor (EXPEED engine) via the grip (I am not making this up, I couldn't even if I tried!)

The second body of $3000 or so will not be a traditional DSLR, but rather a digital rangefinder, without the prehistoric mirror and AF module. The camera may be smaller than a Leica M8 but will be able to use other Nikon lenses with an adapter. And if that's not enough, Sony/Zeiss may release it as a Contax and this will be contracted out to someone like Cosina.

If you want to read all the juicy details, as well as long discussions and replies from the original poster of this thread, check the dpreview forums. Expect to spend at least an hour if you want to go through the whole thread!

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