Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sony A700 First Impressions by actual users (updated again!)

The Sony A700 has started getting into the hands of actual users, so the dpreview Sony SLR Talk forum is starting to buzz with A700 discussions and sample images from actual production cameras!

  • First Sony A700 picture at ISO 6400. Same user, ISO 250.
  • hands-on impressions, along with their sample image gallery from Ian Burley. Included are two ISO 3200 pictures, and most of them have Super Steady Shot ON (Sony's sensor shift stabilization system)
  • Discussion of the samples. More discussion here
  • Samples should get posted later on in this thread as well
  • More samples as they get posted!

    Update! (Sept 19)
  • New A700 arrivals here and here
  • This forum user stopped by the Sony Style store to check out the A700 in close.
  • will be going live with their A700 user review later on! Stay tuned!
  • New pictures are posted by yet another user in this thread!, including a couple of portraits

    Update II on September 20 - More Samples, including Imaging Resource! As you might expect, the wave of new pictures and new users with their hands on the camera is getting larger! Here is a sampling of the newer A700 pictures:
  • Full review of the Sony A700 by Australian camera site Photoreview. Click on the Full Review tab for all the details!
  • ISO 3200 and 6400 samples with the Zeiss 85/1.4 lens!
  • A JPEG vs RAW comparison, among other things. A second JPEG vs RAW comparison
  • As promised, Carlgarrard photography has added samples. Discussion of those samples here
  • This picture is at ISO 250. Also in the same thread, ISO 1600 and ISO 100 pictures, a processed RAW picture and more!
  • Imaging Resource has posted a number of sample pictures as well. Those pictures are discussed here

    And now to a few Sony A700 disucssions in general:
  • On Autofocus accurancy and performance
  • And some contrarians: Ten reasons not to buy. Is the 12mp CMOS just a marketing thing? Why oh why is this a different battery? This person explains why he won't buy the A700.
  • Is compressed RAW lossless?
  • An A700 review has been posted at Discussion of the review here
  • Request for verdicts. Not everyone wants to read every thread and check every sample after all.
  • That and a lot more at the Sony SLR Talk forum at dpreview!

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