Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sony A700 image samples and reactions to the new Alpha from around the net

Around the Internets

  • Two videos of the Sony A700 have been posted at
  • Hands-on previews by dpreview, at IR (Imaging Resource), and at Pop Photo
  • Updated coverage from Japan from (computer-translated to english). Remember, "hand being off-center revision" means image stabilisation. (Regular readers of this blog will become proficient in computer-translated Japanese2English in just a few weeks!)
  • CBS Marketwatch story on the new Sony DSLR. There Sony manager Keiichi Ishizuka discusses Sony's market share, their initial target being a global 10%, but currently it has droopped to around 7% globally because the A700 is getting old (in digital camera standard time). However the A700 release should get Sony back to 10% according to Sony themselves.

    Dpreview Forum Reactions
  • A700 picture samples discussion (sample images from Sony Japan - straight from the source!)
  • Also discussed are samples from Fotopolis (Polish photography site)
  • Discussion of the Pop Photo preview.
  • Even the stock market reacted to the A700! No comments from retired Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (yet)
  • Is the price right? Discussino
  • Sony Pride!, and excitement
  • Nikon users react. Canon users react as well
  • Who's buying it?
  • Discussions when the A700 news broke
  • Who wants Live View with their DSLRs? (fries not so good with DSLR)
  • Some find it embarassing?
  • Discussion on Sony strategies
  • Meanwhile, the first pre-order support group is forming. Gather around in a circle and share your pre-order stories. And let's not be judgemental!
  • Is it a glass prism?
  • To keep things fair and balanced, this thread discusses what people do not like about the A700
  • If you jumped ship before the A700, what do you think now?
  • Sony users discuss A700 reactions by non-Sony users
  • Discussion on European prices
  • More discussions here, and here, and here

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