Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coming this week (September 23-29, 2007)

These are some of the things to expect for the upcoming week. It is not a project plan tasklist nor a complete ToDo list :-)

  • A Sunday editorial (aka VIDI)
  • More Photography Soup and Overheard in the Dpreview Forums round-ups
  • At least one new edition of The Charts. This feature was voted by the Readers as the Readers Choice feature, so this will be posted every week!
  • News and News from Japan if/when they happen

    Carried forward from previous weeks
  • I have a feeling this list is going to keep getting longer :)
  • Some more speculation! Until then, this a speculation recap that was posted last week.
  • An attempt at a slightly different way to look at the digital camera market (this is intentionally vague)
  • Finish off the Xmas in September Buyers Guide
  • Fuji cameras with the "magic"/SuperCCD sensors
  • Review round-up of cameras of interest (completed camera reviews, not previews labeled reviews)
  • A summary of all the New Cameras in August 2007. Here are the New Cameras of July 2007

  • Next few days: Canon G9 review at DCresource
  • Early October: DCresource goes on vacation
  • October 16 or so, Official Olympus E3 announcement
  • Photokina 2010: 12mp full frame Digital Rebel is introduced [just kidding]
  • If you think any other events belong to the calendar, let me know!
  • If I knew of any big or shocking (or not so shocking) upcoming camera announcements, this is where I would put a teaser. If you have any tips however, please feel free to send them to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com.

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