Sunday, September 30, 2007

VIDI: What are we going to do without noise?

With the Nikon D3 having impressive pictures noise-wise at ISO 1600, 3200 and even 6400, it looks like the people who are totally allergic to noise will have an actual DSLR that can deliver them class leading noise performance. After so many years, so much software, and so much pixel peeping and complaining about noise, what are we going to do without noise? Is noise the "barbarians at the gate"?

Granted, this only solves the problem for the Nikon D3 and the next Nikon DSLR(s) that will use this 35mmFF sensor and technology (D300X?). But this may be a sign of the shape of things to come. Because Canon is not going to sit idly and not try to make a noisy ...noiseless comeback. And Sony has that incentive as both a sensor maker and a DSLR manufacturer.

The Nikon D3 performance should also be encouraging Fuji to revitalize cameras using their 6mp "magic" sensor. Yes, there isn't any magic in that sensor, but it outperforms noise-wise all the other cameras with similarly sized sensors. Fuji could be capitalizing marketing wise on Nikon D3's impressive noise performance without lifting a finger. Most people can't afford a Nikon D3, but they could get an F32fd or E910fd or S9200fd or something like that if it can get them a noise advantage over the competition.

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