Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week in Review, and a look at next week, and a calendar of sorts

In lieu of a newsletter and particularly if you missed some of our recent posts, here is a rewind of the last Week at 1001 Noisy, presented in reverse chronological order:

  • Nikon D3 avaiable for pre-order at Amazon via Beach Camera
  • Photography Soup: Sept 28, Sept 27, Sept 26, Sept 24 along with the accompanying Overheard in the dpreview forums spin-off.
  • A listing of camera and photography related TV shows in the USA.
  • New camera announcement, the Sanyo Xacti HD700.
  • An installment of the reader's choice feature The Charts, going around the world.
  • The recount was completed, the Reader's Choice Buzz Camera has been determined.
  • The Panasonic L10 is officialy announced in Japan. The monthly production numbers are revealed!
  • Semi-official Nikon D300 high ISO samples posted at create a DSLR version of Beatle-mania.
  • The inaugural Blast from the Past feature looked at the summer of 2004 at PC World.
  • And last but not least, our Sunday Editorial (VIDI) asked To Zoom or not to Zoom.

    Weekly Features
  • Photography Soup, Photography Soup Express (PSE) and Overheard in the Dpreview Forums
  • News and News from Japan if/when they happen. I know you news junkies want a new camera announcement every day but unfortunately that won't happen. But here's all the news you can absord at the Imaging Insider
  • VIDI (faux-editiorial, on some Sundays)
  • A Blast from the Past (Sundays, a look back in time in digital camera history)
  • The Charts. This feature was voted by the Readers as the Readers Choice feature. It takes a look at sales charts of digital cameras at various online and offline retailers around the world. These are usually snapshots of sales, not long term data, so please do not make any generalized assumptions based on just a couple of these.

    Monthly Features
  • A summary of all the New Cameras in August 2007 and in September 2007. Here are the New Cameras of July 2007
  • A listing of the camera and photography related TV shows in the USA.

    Coming up in this blog These are one-time features that are in various stages of development. I gave up giving them a time frame :-)
  • Finish off the Xmas in September Buyers Guide
  • Some more speculation! Until then, this a speculation recap that was posted a couple of weeks ago.
  • An attempt at a slightly different way to look at the digital camera market (this is intentionally vague)
  • Fuji cameras with the "magic"/SuperCCD sensors
  • Review round-up of cameras of interest (completed camera reviews, not previews labeled reviews)

  • Right now: dpreview has moved into new offices with a new bigger and better studio
  • Early October: Canon G9 review at DCresource
  • October 16 or so, Official Olympus E3 announcement
  • Photokina 2010: 12mp full frame Digital Rebel is introduced [just kidding]
  • If you think any other events belong to the calendar, let me know!
  • If I knew of any big or shocking (or not so shocking) upcoming camera announcements, this is where I would put a teaser. If you have any tips however, please feel free to send them to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com.

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