Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You, the readers, will decide the next blog feature - vote in the new poll!

A new poll has been added to the blog - as promised a few days ago. You, the readers, will decide which one of the items in the list I will do as a blog feature. If I have offended your favorite camera or brand you can "punish" me by making me proof-read the whole blog or review the yellow pages :-) Or you can choose from the other five tasks. The one that receives the most votes when the poll closes on 9/20/07 will be posted on the blog in the following week! So vote early and often!

If there are any other blog features you'd like to see (or not see), please post them as a comment here or send me an email to (name of this blog) at gmail dot com. Name of this blog being 1001noisycameras (the address is scrambled to prevent crawlers and other spambots from grabbing it).

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