Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yet another blog update update (updated: Digital Camera Map is complete!)

We are trying to finish up the digital camera map, aka digital camera line-ups but they are taking longer than anticipated. There are so many current and recent digital cameras out there! The latest additions are Panasonic and Leica, with Casio coming up next. This post has grown to over 20 pages long but it has no pictures, so it should load real fast. Update #1: Casio and Pentax have been added. Next: Samsung, Olympus, Kodak and HP. Update #2: Just finished Samsung. Did you there are nine current Samsung S-series models? Find out more in this crazy list of all digital camera models. Next up will be Olympus. I'm scared of sorting through all those FE-models. It's a cat litter every time Olympus makes an announcement! Update #3: Olympus and Kodak (Olydak!) have been completed. Since I have not gone crazy just yet, I have just one left, HP, and that's it! Update #4: HP is done and so is our crazy feature of mapping every current digital camera from the major manufacturers! We are done! Wooohoo! Here it is!If you find any omissions, errors, etc, please don't be shy to point them out! Send an email [1001noisycameras [at] gmail [dot] com] or leave a comment.

Meanwhile if you missed the Ricoh GRD2 excitement, you can catch up with our morning and evening coverage of the Ricoh GRD II announcement and reactions.

In lieu of a reader appreciation day, we decided to offer our readers the chance to promote their own galleries, websites and blogs by joining the 1001 Noisy Readers List. It is a poor man's text based Web 2.0 feature :)

Those of you who like numbers, or want to see rankings and what other people are buying around the net, check out our latest installment of the Charts, taking a look at what's hot at J&R World.

Not happy with the current selection of digital cameras? Hope for something new and hopefully better? Then visit and bookmark our on-going PMA 2008 speculation.

Hungry for news from the world of cameras and imaging? Then head over to the Imaging Insider. And if you are an RSS/Atom reader, subscribe to the  Insider feed.

Did you notice? The DSLR Playoff Finals are underway! The Nikon D3 is facing off its partner in crime, the D300. The current vote tally has the D3 leading the way. What do you think? Check the right column of this blog for the poll and vote! You decide!

With all the extensive features (PMA 2008, camera lineups) and the surprise Ricoh GRD2, our regular features such as the "Photography Soup" and "Overheard in the Forums" have fallen behind. Expect one either late tonight or on Thursday. All apologies.

And for all the bargain hunters out there, we haven't forgotten about you!

  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX01P, aka FX01 Pink, $170 with $12 S&H from This is a 3.6x optical zoom model starting at 28mm with MegaOIS.
  • Panasonic FZ8 at $225 from Amazon
  • For more, check our Bargain Hunter's Corner (BHC) in the left column, and the BHC Control Center.

    Planning to plan
  • The next edition of hte Photography Soup and Overheard in the Forums will be posted on Thursday.
  • Also expect early tomorrow the early November tv listings for photography shows on TV

    Formatting Update
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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007

    Reactions to the Ricoh GRD II announcement

    If you missed your first wave of Ricoh GRD2 coverage, be sure to catch up with our morning update. Then come back here for more :)

    Update! (monthly production output revealed!)
    The Ricoh press release is posted by Ricoh Japan, and in there we discover the monthly production output of the Ricoh GRD2. The number is *drum roll* 5,000 units per month, which explains why we are getting the same price as the original GR D. Clearly this camera is targeting a very specific audience who may be willing to pay top dollar for such a camera.

    More GRD II coverage on the net

  • Official Announcement on dpreview. There we learn that the UK price will be 400 UK pounds.
  • Ricoh Global web page dedicated to the GRD2.
  • A reminder, Ricoh uses the proposed Adobe standard DNG for its RAW files.
  • Ricoh GRD2 Brochure (PDF file).
  • From the horse's mouth: Official GRD II sample pictures, a total of seven, available as full size downloads, but they are all ISO 100 for those of you ready to pixel peep :) Peep-Peep!
  • Also courtesy of Ricoh, this is the GR D II system chart, which includes a total of 14 types of accessories
  • Also at The Online Photographer
  • Think Camera gives the GRD2 some love

    Adorama is accepting pre-orders (North America)
    Adorama is accepting pre-orders for the Ricoh GRD II in the USA for $700. It is expected to start shipping around Thanksgiving time. The camera is also available from Adorama on Amazon for $700 as well.

    Forum Discussions
  • The Fred Miranda forum readers are discussing the II. There we learn that Sean Reid has an in-depth review on his site. Sean Reid's site is by subscription only, one of the few websites that follow the subscription model.
  • We follow the subscription model too, we pay our readers to read this blog ;-)
  • The non-denominational crowd in the dpreview News forum takes a look at it. It of course being the GRD2 :)
  • Meanwhile in the dpreview Ricoh forum we find more discussions of interest.
  • The announcement thread is close to 100 replies.
  • This forum user has done a very good job in dissecting the spec sheets and comparing it with the GR D I.
  • The firmware upgrade for the GRD I that gives it some of the II features is discussed as well. It is so nice of Ricoh, two years after the camera release to add new features to it. It goes to show that Ricoh is doing all the right things to earn itself a bigger share of the pie.
  • And some questions.
  • Waiting for the GRD2.
  • And to put things in perspective, here is a GRD I vs GX 100 comparison.
  • The Ricoh news are also discussed at the aptly named
  • Flickr user are also discussing.

    1001 Noisy Opinion
    What do I think? While some Ricoh fans have been disappointed because this was an incremental update and not a big update, using perhaps a larger sensor, I personally think that if indeed the testable claims made by Ricoh hold true for the most part, they'll have a successful camera in their hands.

    Because this is a unique design among current digital cameras, and because their supply will probably be limited, they can get away with charging the current prices (same as GRD I starting price, $700, 400 UK pounds).

    If the noise situation is improved as promised, battery life is 350+, ISO 400 is as clean as ISO 100 of the GRD Mark I, RAW write speeds are indeed under 4s, with a buffer of two (okay, that's a little bit stingy), then it will be well worth it. These are what I call testable claimis because more or less they can be measured by the testers.

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  • The Charts: What's hot at J&R World?

    Welcome to another edition of The Charts, where we take a look at the top selling cameras around the world. Today's episode stops at J&R World. Please keep in mind these are snapshots of the best selling cameras, so no long term conclusions should be drawn based upon just this instance. And with that out of the way, who is #1?

    1. Nikon S50 Redicon - I guess it's true, red gets people's attention!
    2. Canon SD850 ISicon - the grown up version of the mass market SD 1000
    3. Canon A560, a bang for the buck A-series model
    4. Nikon Coolpix S200 - is it me or does it look a bit Elphish?
    5. Sony W55 black - same as above
    6. Canon SD1000 - same as above, except it really is an Elph :)
    7. Sony H9icon at $400
    8. Olympus FE-280
    9. Nikon Coolpix S50c (the small "c" stands for wireless; shouldn't that have been a small "w"?)
    10. Panasonic TZ3 silver at $250 even, the current leader of "fun zooms"
    11. Canon SD870 IS, the new wide angle model
    12. Sony S700, yes a Sony under $150
    13. Canon G9icon - while a GINO, this definitely stands out on its own
    14. Canon SD750, the choice of the previous generation with a 3" LCD.
    15. Sony W55 silver, Sony's selling a lot of these

    Top DSLRs at J&R
    These are extracted from the best selling chart and listed in order:
    1. Canon 40D body onlyicon
    2. Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D with 18-55 EF-S lens, black; the main Rebel of the holiday shopping season
    3. Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX lens, at exactly $500. Wow, a new Nikon DSLR with a kit lens at $500!
    4. Nikon D300 body onlyicon - on the strength of pre-orders. This is amazing.
    5. Nikon D80 with 18-135 DX kit, at $1150
    6. Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D with 18-55 EF-S lens, black. Almost $500, a price drop short of that.
    7. Sony A100 with 18-70 DT lens. Finally someone other than CaNikon!
    8. Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D, body only, black
    9. Nikon D80 body only
    10. Sony A100 body only

    We could go on all day and night, but we have more stuff to cover, reactions to the new Ricoh GRD2 announcement, and continuing with the Digital Camera Map. If you missed the Ricoh GRD2 announcement frenzy, here it is.

    Read the rest of "The Charts: What's hot at J&R World?"...

    The Ricoh GRD II (aka GRD2) has arrived! Ricoh fans rejoice, new firmware update for the GRD as well

    The good people at inform us that Ricoh has officially announced the highly anticipated Ricoh GRD2. It's been two years since its predecessor, the Ricoh GRD hit the market, and it was indeed high time for an update. Be sure to check the computer-translated because they have a lot of details from the Ricoh presentation. The camera will be released November 22 in Japan.

    Kudos to Ricoh for resisting the urge to jump to 12 megapixels, as this camera is using a 10mp 1/1.75" sensor and the new engine that was introduced with the Ricoh R7.

    Adorama is accepting pre-orders
    Adorama is accepting pre-orders for the Ricoh GRD II in the USA for $700. It is expected to start shipping around Thanksgiving time.

    The camera is also available from Adorama on Amazon for $700 as well.

    Ricoh GRD II Coverage on the net
    +Imaging Insider
    +What Digital Camera
    +Adorama News Desk including detailed specifications.
    +Photography Blog
    +Let's Go Digital
    +Amateur Photographer UK with detailed specs

    New firmware update for the Ricoh GRD as well
    The NewsDesk at Adorama informs us that some of the new features introduced in the GRD2 will be made available in the GRD with a new firmware update.

    Basic Ricoh GRD II (aka GRD2) specs
    +10mp 1/1.75" CCD sensor with new Ricoh Engine II processing engine
    +28mm F2.4 lens
    +2.7" (230K) LCD
    +RAW, also square RAW format
    +up to ISO 1600
    +Battery is LiIon DB60 (or 2 AAA). CIPA 370 with the LiIon, CIPA 45 with AAA Matsushita alkalines
    +The price in Japan will be similar to that of the GRD when it first came out

    Ricoh Testable Claims for the GRD II (aka GRD2)
    +ISO 400 of the GRD II will be equal to ISO 100 of the GRD I
    +RAW times reduced from 10s to 3.8s
    +Engine II increases battery life by about 100 shots
    +The 10mp was found a more optimum choice than the 12mp sensor (good!)
    +More details at

    Of Ricoh Interest
    +Ricoh gallery posted at Ricoh Japan. These are not sample pictures from the GRD2, they are pictures taken by Ricoh GRD users and featured in a Ricoh website
    +Ricoh Group on Facebook, details at Amin's Photo blog.

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    The DSLR Playoff Finals have just began!

    The DSLR Playoff Finals have just began! You, the readers will decide the DSLR Playoff Champion. The two finalists are the Nikon D3 which handily defeated the Canon 40D, and the winner of the very close race between the Olympus E3 and the Nikon D300, the ...Nikon D300. So we have the two Nikons facing off each other! Vote on! The poll will close in seven days and the winner will be decided. As always, check for the DSLR Playoff polls in the right column of this noisy blog.

    Elsewhere, don't miss our 16 page down article attempting to map the line-ups of every major digital camera manufacturer. This is still a work in progress, but more content is added.

    Also, a reader appreciation post, the 1001 Noisy Readers List showcases the galleries and blogs of our readers.

    Another recent on-going feature is our early PMA 2008 speculation, covering both DSLRs and fixed lens digital cameras.

    Because of the digital camera map and the PMA 2008 speculation our regular features Photography Soup and the Overheard in the Forums will return either late Tuesday or on Wednesday.

    On the Web 2.0 front, we removed the Shoutbox and added the brand new beta "Are you in my Top Spots" fun widget. Also added recently were Feedjit Live Traffic Reports.

    And if you don't want to miss any of our updates, be sure to  Subscribe to our feed.

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    The Kodak C513 is becoming available!

    Why is an $80 entry-level 5mp, 3x optical zoom digital camera getting discussed in the photography forums? Is there something magical or special about the Kodak Easyshare C513? Well, not exactly, but there is the curiosity factor. This camera appears to be the first one using Kodak's new CMOS 1/2.5" sensor. As you may be aware of, almost all compact digital cameras from the major manufacturers are using CCD sensors, so the arrival of CMOS for the masses from one of the major sensor manufacturers (Kodak) creates sensor-related interest in the camera. Kodak makes sensors for DSLRs and digital backs, as well as for the Red Dot (Leica). As a refresher, here is the official announcement from late July 2007 at dpreview. The camera is starting to become available online and offline, such as Circuit City, Target, and Amazon via Target.

    Read the rest of "The Kodak C513 is becoming available!"...

    Monday, October 29, 2007

    Recap of everything we posted during the weekend

    We have been posting a few long articles so it may have buried some of the stories of interest. This post is a quick recap of what we posted in the last few days!

    Update #2: 13 hours left in the DSLR Playoffs and the Nikon D300 leads the Olympus E3 by just two votes! Your vote can make a difference one way or the other. This promises to be a close vote!

    Update #1: Continuing with the Web2.0-ificiation of this blog we added a new widget called the Top Spots. It is like a Tip Jar but with benefits. You can tip this blog and in return you get a link of your choice to appear in the widget. The tip is set to the minimum which is $1.

    Less than 24 hours are left in the DSLR Playoffs, and the Nikon D300 vs Olympus E3 race is too close to call, with the two cameras either tied or one or two vote apart. It is up to you, the readers, to decide which one advances to the finals! Your vote could make a difference :-) As expected the other matchup between the D3 and 40D was a no-contest as the D3 clearly overmatched the 40D.

    Currently on-going is a very long (some may call it crazy) attempt to "map" every single digital camera that is currently available. By "every" we mean the major manufcturers, do not expect to find the Hello Kitty or the $20 disposables. We have already written up Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji with Sigma, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Leica, Ricoh, Casio, Samsung, Kodak, HP, and more coming up. At the moment this is one very long article. Since it has no pictures, it should load pretty fast. But it will take forever to read :-) So be sure to bookmark it in your favorite online bookmarking sites :)

    Also posted over the weekend was another long work in progress article, PMA 2008 speculations. We posted a general outline covering the most important camera models, but over time this will be expanded to an annoyingly long version (or broken up into pieces by company name).

    Also during the weekend, we came up with a Noisy approach to Reader Appreciation. We have created a page where the blog's readers can showcase their website, galleries, blogs, or anything else they want - also known as the 1001 Noisy Readers :) Remember 1001 has a double meaning, not just the number, but it is also binary which represents the digital in digital photography :)

    We also posted our weekly week in review, where you can find all seventeen (17) posts we created during the last seven days.

    On the blogging front we were thrilled to discover that we were graced with a Page Rank of 4 by Google. Thank you readers and friends and supporters of this blog for helping this blog grow!

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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Week in review, and what's coming up

    As usual we start with the week that was, in chronological order.

  • A recap of the previous week (October 14-20, 2007).
  • Then we "discover" the new Samsung S73 digital camera in a retail chain store and in the Sunday paper advertisements.
  • Our weekly Sunday faux-editorial wonders whether Canon is Invincible.
  • Then we go through the Olympus E3 marketing materials to see how many of their claims are testable.
  • Our almost daily Photography Soup signature feature was posted on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • In what could be a new feature, we dug into our records and found the most popular posts of this blog of the last 30 days.
  • We also tipped off the DSLR Playoffs, with the top four DSLRs of our "Most Exciting Future DSLR Poll" (left column of this blog). The dSLR Playoff polls (you vote, you decide) are located towards the top of the right column of this blog. The battle between the Nikon D300 and the Olympus E3 is very close, and it may be decided the last few minutes!
  • Our Blast from the Past feature looked at a snapshot of the top selling DSLRs at Amazon about 13 months ago.
  • We also updated the Photography TV Listings for October. The November listings will be posted later this week.
  • We also had some late night excitement as Sony introduced the Cybershot T2 whose unique feature is that it has 4gb of on-board memory in addition to the usual MemoryStick Pro Duo slot.
  • Dpreview posts two impact reviews this week, the Canon 40D and the Canon G9. The 40D was also reviewed by Imaging Resource and DC Resource this week.
  • Then we started our on-going PMA 2008 Speculations post. This will be continually updated and grow longer and longer. See how long our Fauxtokina 2007 ocverage got.
  • Last but not least we introduced a feature to thank and spotlight our readers. Called 1001 Noisy Readers, it allows the readers to promote themselves or their blogs, galleries, websites or anything else they want. Details here.
  • That's all we had the week that was. If you don't want to miss any of our updates, be sure to  Subscribe to our feed.

    Coming up this week and beyond at 1001 Noisy
  • We will post the TV listings for Photography shows on TV (USA cable/satellite) for November.
  • We introduce our new feature, "1001 Noisy Platinum"
  • The DSLR Playoffs continue with the exciting finish of the semifinals, and the start of the Finals.
  • Other new features that we don't want to jinx by mentioning
  • Buyer's Guides of sorts
  • Our regular/weekly features as outlined in the About this blog page.
  • Don't miss an update!  Subscribe to our feed.

    Calendar of sorts
  • Are we going to get a November surprise? Canon 5D Mark II or 7D? How about Leica versions of the latest Panasonic models, such as the Panasonic L10 DSLR, or FZ18 superzoom, or the cutesy FX-series compacts? How about a Pentax K1D or K12D? Hey what about the Sigma DP1? And what about Ricoh? They teased us this week with the introduction of special GRD and GX100 issues in Japan. How about the GRD2 or the GX120?
  • January 2008: CES 2008
  • late Jan/early Feb: PMA 2008
  • Fall 2008: Photokina 2008
  • Jan 2009: CES 2009
  • early 2009: PMA 2009
  • Fall 2009: Fauxtokina 2009
  • PMA 3120: PMA 3120 takes place at the Telepathic Frequency, Virtual Reality channel 5343A-436-ACCE953 :)

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Be sure to check this new feature located at the top left corner of this blog. More details about the Bargain Hunter's Corner. Here is a teaser of two deals with free 3-day FedEx shipping:
  • Panasonic TZ3A $250, free S&H (OneCall)
  • Canon SX100 IS $277, free S&H (OneCall)
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  • Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Introducing 1001 Noisy Readers

    This quasi-interactive feature will feature you, the blog readers. That's right, it's your turn to grab the spotlight. In this segment we will feature 1,001 blog readers :) If you want to be added to the list, simply send me an email to 1001noisycameras [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave a comment in this post. The readers will be presented on a first come first served basis. The first one who submits will be Noisy Reader #1, the 2nd one will be Noisy Reader #2, etc, etc, until we reach 1001 :)

    You decide what is shown in your list entry. It could be anything from a nickname or initials to a one paragraph bio. You can also include up to five links to promote your blog, galleries, website, social networking pages, etc. As a blog administrator I do reserve the right to remove or not include entries that include hate speech, offensive language, spam, made-for-Adsense, duplicate submissions, "bad neighborhood" sites, and the like.

    Examples of 1001 Noisy Readers (fictional names - the links in this example point to this blog)
    1. CrazyPhotographer4ExtremeSports
    2. John from Cincinati
    3. My name is Svetlana and I am a professional wedding photographer. I use the Fuji S5 Pro and my trusty Nikon F5. This is my webpage, The Best Day of your Life, and here is my gallery showing some of my work.
    4. Hi! This is CJ, and this is my blog.
    5. A Macro photographer who loves insects
    6. I love panoramas! Here is my gallery.

    Meet the 1001 Noisy Readers

    1. Aylmerqc's Flickr stream
    2. Ed Z's flicker photos and the F1.0 site/blog
    3. Daily photo blog from Digital Mundane
    4. BikeJohn's daily photo blog and flickr stream
    5. David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog and Digital Pro Talk Flickr group
    6. Janos Scheffer's photo gallery
    7. Eric for Photography Bay
    8. Photo Galleries at
    9. Hi, I'm kRiZ cPEc from Hong Kong and this is my blog: kRiZ cPEc's Photo Blog
    11. Jason D. Moore Photography - Home of the Photoshop & Photography Blogroll, the P&P Weekly, Geographic Composition, and P&P Blogger Profiles.
    12. Peasap's Flickr Photos.
    13. Amin and his excellent Amin Photo blog!
    14. James Vornov, a fine art photographer working on high contrast color photographs documenting the suburban landscape and monochrome film-based images of the urban scene. His blog is On Deciding ... Better, his work in progress is on Flickr and this is his current portfolio.
    15. Steve from a great place for digital photographers where you will find weekly photo contests, free photo sharing gallery, digital camera reviews, and more...
    16. Paxton Prints offers free digital photography tutorials and news (updated daily). We also have a large collection of free high resolution photographic desktop wallpaper. Check it out!
    17. Jimmy Cheng wedding photojournalism blog, and portfolio.
    18. Julius at the Snipe-Shot blog, and the Flickr
    19. My name is Yvon Bourque. I have the blogsite and I use and write about Pentax Equipment.
    20. Jason at Canon Blogger.
    21. Professional photographer Jim Talkington's Pro Photo Life blog, which includes a DIY educational video library.
    22. New digital camera forums at
    23. Aperture Image photography blog
    24. Josh Marshall's Living Light Photography does wedding photography in Australia. See the portfolio and the blog.
    25. You are next!
    26. You are next next!
    27. You are next next next!

    You can also find this blog at a number of social networking sites, including:

  • Frienfeed (includes most of the Web 2.0 services below)
  • Technorati
  • Digg
  • Blog Catalog
  • MyBlogLog
  • Stumble Upon
  • Photography Voter
  • - a new web 2.0 social bookmarking-and-more website with a special Photography Category under Interests! NEW!
  • Twitter - Behind the Scenes at 1001 Noisy. NEW!
  • Flickr Group and Flickr Photo Pool. NEW!
  • Reddit Reddit, Reddit, Reddit! No, we haven't turned into frogs :)
  • More coming up, including *gasp* MySpace :-)

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  • Friday, October 26, 2007

    Breaking News: Canon G9 review posted at dpreview!

    Breaking News: The Canon G9 review posted at dpreview! While this is a GINO, it has made some progress from the G7, as it has added RAW and a couple of other features. This 21-page review is written by Simon Joinson and it is the fourth Canon review in a row posted by dpreview. As always I won't be revealing their conclusions or the final rating, although I bet it will be hotly debates in the dpreview forums.

    Early forum reactions

  • Since the review as just posted, we'll have to wait for a little bit for reactions to the review. Here are some early discussions.
  • For all discussions, be sure to visit the Canon Talk dpreview forum.
  • More later today.

    Canon PowerShot G9

    Price: $436.89
    to $539.20

    Buy Now

    Read the rest of "Breaking News: Canon G9 review posted at dpreview!"...
  • Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Photography Soup (Friday October 26)

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    Around the Internets
  • Leica mania returns as the Leica 28mm f/2.8 ASPH M-Elmarit Wide Angle Manual Focus Lens for M System lens may start shipping from Amazon. The price is "just" $1595.
  • Face-off: Canon 5D vs Hasselblad H3Dii at Lincoln Harbour.
  • A creative comparison between the Olympus SP-550 and the SP-560 at FotoTramp.
  • List of upcoming photography events in the real world. Not that the cyber world isn't real :-)
  • Scott Kelby has posted his Friday wrap-up with topics of interest to Photoshop Users, and also an update on his new book Photoshop 7-point System. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Photoshoppers? :)
  • And something for our film fans, How to make redscale film at FM Photo Courses.
  • Digital Photography School has a new look. Go and get schooled :)
  • The Photography Blog has posted their Fuji Finepix F50fd review. Be sure to check it out and read my comments there on the F50fd, the 6mp "magic" Fuji sensor and Fuji in general.
  • The 100 days of 100 photography tips continue at Adorama with Diffusing your flash.

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • The weather is changing, how about some winter photography tips?
  • Photographer and assistant gunned down :-(
  • PC Magazine has compiled a list of top gear for photography enthusiasts
  • It's almost November, have you started planning your holiday gift buying? Terry White has!
  • For wide angle imaging news be sure to visit and bookmark our friends at the Imaging Insider and grab their  Insider feed

    This Noisy Blog
  • Thanks to Gav's blog for adding this noisy blog to their list of photography websites and blogs!
  • This is day four of seven in our DSLR playoffs. The D300 continues to have a small lead over the Olympus E3 in what promises to be a very close race to the finish line. And the winner will have its work cut out for it as they will be facing the Nikon D3 who has a comfortable lead over the 40D.
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    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Friday October 26)"...
  • The Charts: Amazon Top 20

    Today's edition of the Charts takes a snapshot of the top sellers at Amazon right now. Please keep in mind this is not a long term measurement so no conclusions should be drawn based upon just this one instance.

    1. Canon SD1000
    2. Canon SD850IS
    3. Canon A570IS
    4. Canon S5 IS
    5. Canon A560
    6. Canon SD1000, black
    7. Canon SD750
    8. Canon G9
    9. Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D with 18-55 EF-S, black
    10. Canon SD870IS
    11. Canon SD800IS
    12. Sony W55 pink
    13. Canon S3 IS
    14. Panasonic TZ3 black
    15. Canon A720IS
    16. Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX
    17. Sony W55 black
    18. Sony W55 silver
    19. Panasonic FZ8 black
    20. Canon SD870IS, black
    22. Kodak Z712IS
    24. Fuji S700 (aka S5700)
    27. Sony T200 black
    36. Samsung S630 black, under $100
    42. Nikon P5100
    44. Olympus SP550UZ

    Read the rest of "The Charts: Amazon Top 20"...

    Photography Soup (Thur Oct 25)

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    Around the Internets
  • 100 free photography tips in 100 days offered by Adorama. Based on this blog's name, am I expected to offer 1001 camera tips in 1001 days? :)
  • A nice Pentax lens buying resource was mentioned in the Pentax SLR Talk forum at dpreview.
  • Lots of pictures from Indonesia in Rick Wenezaar's photography blog.
  • Picture of the day: Carribean Breezes by David Ziser.
  • An update from the world Hasselblad at Photography Bay
  • More on the Matsushita factory fire that is affecting the launch of the Pentax Optio A40 at OK 1000.
  • Latest image sensors updates at Image Sensors World, with Motorola opening up its wallet. No, not to tip me :-)
  • Vote on your favorite photography stories at PV. And don't forget to vote us too :)
  • Nikon Canada unveils its 2007 Holiday Shopping season line-up. Details at
  • Everybody is posting a Canon 40D review this week. Therefore I officially proclaim this week the Canon 40D Review week!. New reviews posted by IR and DCR, in addition to dpreview's impact review, dpexpert and more!

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Samsung is working on fuel cell batteries that run on water. Did you water your digital camera battery today? :)
  • More podcasts from the official PDN PhotoPlus 20007 show as they give us a video look at the Nikon D3, Sony A700, and Sinar HY6
  • How about another round of film vs digital?
  • A new podcast on PhotoGeek TV talking Olympus E3, 1DMk3 firmware, and lots more.
  • DOF preview and Photoshop'ed DOF
  • BBC's new documentary series "Genius of Photography" makes its worldwide debut today.
  • For lots more, be sure to visit and bookmark our friends at the Imaging Insider and grab their  Insider feed

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • Directly from the source: Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
  • Scott Kelby informs us that NAPP members can receive free shipping from B&H Photo! If you are not familiar with B&H Photo, here is their website.
  • You can still win an Apple iPhone as part of Kelby's promotion for his new book The iPhone Book.
  • Photography Bay talks Canon Fall 2007 rebates.

    This Noisy Blog
  • We are on day three in our best of seven DSLR Playoffs, and the Nikon D300 has a lead over the Olympus E3. Meanwhile the Nikon D3, as expected leads the Canon 40D 2 to 1. The DSLR Playoffs are located in the top right column of this blog. Not sure what the DSLR Playoffs are? Here are the details.
  • Want your pictures featured as the picture of the day? Let me know. The email address is 1001noisycameras ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com.
  • Thanks to flickr user "loopsta" for including this blog in their favorite photosites list.
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  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    Impact review: Dpreview has just posted their Canon 40D review! (ujpdated: Also IR and DCR)

    We don't usually have individual posts for a single camera review, unless it is an impact review! And this one it is! Canon's brand new mid-range DSLR the Canon 40D gets a full detailed technical review at dpreview. This is a 30 page review from dpreview founder Phil Askey. The review starts with a nice brief history of Canon DSLRs in this segment. And how does it end? I'm not going to reveal the conclusions, you have to read it for yourself. This is a spoiler free zone :-)

    Reactions to the review

  • Canon DSLR users discuss the review.
  • Nikon users discuss the review. A spirited discussion as expected. There we learn that "girlymen" use "auto ISO".
  • What do we learn about 14-bit from Phil's review?
  • And the obligatory 150 full frame thread.
  • What of the 40D and high ISO NR?
  • The 40D goes to the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix.
  • Lots of shorter discussions on the 40D in the Canon 40D/30D/20D dpreview forum.
  • Reviewing dpreview's review rating system.
  • What if the 40D and D300 are found to be about the same?
  • Phil's comment on the K10D and the 40D have struct a nerve and sparked a discussion among fans of each camera.
  • Is dpreview soft on Canon but tough on trolling? And those who are keeping count and looking for new conspiracy theories, it's the third dpreview review in a row, and they are all Canon. *GASP*
  • Canon 40D versus E410 noise-wise. And another round, 40D vs E3.
  • Pixel peep all you want, this camera beats the Canon 40D hands down!
  • Sony users are discussing the 40D with emphasis on dynamic range.

    We have another big Canon 40D review, this one posted at Imaging Resource. Find out what the trio of Shawn Barnett, Dave Etchells, and Siegfried Weidelich discovered about the EOS 40D. As always I won't spoil their findings.

    Update #2
    DCresource has also posted their Canon 40D review. This starts to smell like a choreographed review-a-thon? If it was, it was a smart! Here is DC Resource's review. Find out what they found out. No spoilers from me :)

    Read the rest of "Impact review: Dpreview has just posted their Canon 40D review! (ujpdated: Also IR and DCR)"...
  • Photography Soup (Wedn October 24)

    Around the Internets

  • Your chance to win a double DVD set of David Ziser's critically acclaimed Digital Photography seminar. Details in David's blog. All you have to do is an answer a Photoshop question. The first person who gets it right wins! More digitals details on David's Digital Wake Up Call extended dvd set. Four and a half hours runtime.

  • Also from David, HDR, film smells funny, his comments on the Canon 580 EX II and lots more. Also throughout the blog you will find some of David's excellent pictures.

  • Is photography 50% capture and 50% post-processing?

  • Digital Photography School has a nice article on four alternative Nikon kit lenses.

  • Ricoh teases its fans by announcing limited edition specials on the Ricoh GRD and GX100. More at Of course what most Ricoh fans want to hear about are a GRD2 and a GX120, or something like that :)

  • A new episode of Photoshop User TV has been posted! The Photoshop Guys are half of 4/3rds in this episode. Read on to solve this mini-riddle :) Check out episode 104 which covers:
    How to create a flexible action for a LAB color boost, some benefits of creating a smart object from a layer group, a great-looking backlight technique for wedding photos, and information about Epson’s new Exhibition Fiber Paper.

  • Top Stories Today
  • dpreview reviews the Canon 40D.

  • Sony introduces a new T-series camera with 4gb on-board memory. Pre-order available: Amazon ($350).

  • Future plans from Hoya-Pentax are discussed in this long-running thread at

  • From, Pentax postpones the sale of the Optio A40 in Japan. This is not your typical postponement, the camera won't come out until February 2008. Ouch! A fire at a Matsushita factory is cited as the cause for the delay as the battery won't be avaiable. Rechargeable AA battery fans will point out that if the camera was using AA batteries it would have been released on schedule.

  • Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Great news for Sony fans! Sony is profitable thanks to your digital camera purchases. As you may recall, Sony tightined up its product line-up and it looks like this partially helped tighten up their finances.

  • More cameras of interest are getting reviewed: Fuji F50fd, Kodak Z812IS.

  • Ed Weston's "Nautilus" fetches over $1 million in an auction. I wish my eBay auctions did that :)

  • New photography website from National Geographic.

  • Fuji launches a new color (yes new color) for the trendy Z10fd camera. The smart people there gave it the name Big Apple Green while launching it in the Big Apple. Fuji, can you please release an F31fd update with SD and sensor-shift stabilization? Make it Apple Green or Mango or Burnt Orange if you must :)

  • The PDN Photo Plus official shows has a red dot report on Leica Summarit M lenses.

  • Kodak says that consumers view photography less seriously. Some could point out that the opposite may also be true: Photographers view Kodak less seriously ;-) (OUCH!)

  • Your source for a wide angle view of the latest happenings in digital imaging is Imaging Insider.

  • This Noisy Blog
  • The DSLR Playoffs are under way! We are on day 2 of seven and as expected the Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300 vote is close. The DSLR Playoffs are taking place at the Top of the Right Blog Column Arena here at 1001 Noisy CamerasVille.

  • We have updated our photography tv listings for October 2007. We are also working on the November tv listings which we will post next week.

  • You may have noticed something new in this blog, we have added a list of our most recent posts at the bottom of the page. This helps improve navigation and gives our readers a chance to read and discover more of 1001 Noisy. For those with blogs who may want to try it on your own blog, here are some details.
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    Breaking news: New Sony T2 announced in Japan! (computer-translated) informs the world that Sony Japan has announced a new T-series camera, the Sony T2. The T2 is an 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical optically stabilized 38-114mm lens, 2.7" touchpad LCD camera with a 4gb built-in memory. It will go on sale in Japan in late November for around 40,000 yen. Needless to say it will have face detection with smile shutter. It will be available in three fashionable colors. A blue and a pink carrying case, LCS-TWE will also be available. And here is the press release from Sony Japan.

    Now the T2 being picked up by more websites. reports that it will be available in the US in December for $350. DCresource reports that has a LiIon battery capacity of 280 CIPA, which is not bad for a small camera.

    Also appearing at CNet's Crave Blog, Imaging Resource, dpreview, digital photography blog, and

    This model name of course is not to be confused with the Sony Vaio T2 notebook computer line-up. Google is already mixing those two up :)

    Amazon estimates shipment on December 10, with a price of $350 and a pre-order low price guarantee. Available in three colors in the US, black, silver and fashionable pink.

    Read the rest of "Breaking news: New Sony T2 announced in Japan!"...

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    TV shows on photography (October 2007, USA TV)

    This will continue to be updated throughout the month, but always check with your local listings. The times mentioned here are pacific time. Add +3 for Eastern (New York City time)

  • Fri, Sept 28, midnight, Me vs Me on Fantasy Living. Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Brian Smith gives photography tips on an aspiring photographer.
  • Fri Sept 28, 11am, THS Investigates: Paparazzi photographers, on E! (the channel name)
  • Sat Sept 29, 630am, Baby story on Discovery Health, photographing babies.
  • Sat Sept 29, 1230pm and 230pm, The Linda McCartney Story on the Encore and Movieplex movie channels. This is based on the book Linda McCartney: A Portrait by Danny Fields. Yes, that's how she met Paul McCartney, as a photographer.
  • Sat Sept 29, 8pm, Stars by Helmut Newton, on the Sundance Channel. If you are uncomfortable with humans without garments, you may want to skip this (TV-MA).
  • Sun Sept 30, 730pm, Redline TV on the SPEED channel, features among other things photographer Antonio Alvandia.
  • Mon Oct 1, 330am, Stars by Helmut Newton, on the Sundance Channel. If you are uncomfortable with humans without garments, you may want to skip this (TV-MA).
  • Tue Oct 2, 7am, Inside the Tornado, storm chasers and photographers chase tornados on the National Geographic Channel (and National Geographic HD).
  • Wedn Oct 3, syndicated, Judge Maria Lopez. A woman demands a refund from a wedding photographer.
  • Wedn Oct 3, syndicated, Tyra Banks Show. Tyra Banks users her photography background to teach people how to take better photos.
  • Wedn Oct 3, 7pm, How it's made on the Discovery Channel. One of the items featured is lenses!
  • Fri Oct 5, 2am, "Making Home Movies" on DIY.
  • Fri Oct 5, 9pm, "How it's made" on the Science Channel. Among the topics are CCD semiconductors.
  • Sat Oct 6, Stars by Helmut Newton, on the Sundance Channel. If you are uncomfortable with humans without garments, you may want to skip this (TV-MA).
  • Sat Oct 6, 1am and 7am, "How it's made" on the Science Channel. Among the topics are CCD semiconductors.
  • Mon, Oct 8, 830am, Quality of Light on BYU-TV. BYU Professor and Photographer John Telford captures the history of the LDS church and structures.
  • Tue Oct 9, 1am, Inside the Tornado, storm chasers and photographers chase tornados on the National Geographic Channel (and National Geographic HD).
  • Tue Oct 9, Judge Alex syndicated program on the topic of blotched wedding photographs and video.

  • Wedn Oct 24, 150am and 245am, GalilĂ©e: photos photographes featuring Pete Knapp on TV-5 Monde (french channel, requires subscription, available on digital cable and satellite)
  • Thur Oct 25, 730am, Get Married: "Tips for the perfect picture" Photographer Robert Evans shares tips for the perfect picture; beach volleyball stars Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings discuss their wedding, on Lifetime
  • Fri Oct 26, 230am, Celebrity Hobbies: Photography, on DIY, Jenny Jones' and Ben Folds' photography.
  • Sat Oct 27, 1230pm, Quality of Light, "The Photography of John Telford" BYU professor and photographer John Telford captures the character and essence of some of the LDS Church's earliest historical structures, on BYU-TV.
  • Sun Oct 28, 12am (midnight), Impact: Stories of Survival: One of the stories is Photographer Electrocuted, Discovery Health Channel
  • Mon Oct 29, 230am, Quality of Light, "The Photography of John Telford" BYU professor and photographer John Telford captures the character and essence of some of the LDS Church's earliest historical structures, on BYU-TV.
  • Wedn Oct 31, syndicated, Judge Maria Lopez. A woman demands a refund from a wedding photographer.
  • Wedn Oct 31, 5pm, Forensic Files, "Photo Finish" Photographs taken from a trash bin lead police to a model's murderer, Court TV

  • Times for these may vary from local station to local station, so I am only providing the titles. Be sure to check with your local listings for air dates and airtimes
  • One episode of the series "Wild Chronicles" is "Aerial images of South America", with photographer Robert Haas.
  • At Close Range with National Geographic, photographer Joel Sartore shoots in some of the world's most exotic locations (1 hour long)
  • Expedition Florida: "The Wild Heart of Florida" Photographers Jeff Ripple and Clyde Butcher search for the rare ghost orchid
  • Independent Lens episode titled "Revolucion: Five Visions" Five Cuban photographers have very different perspectives on their art and the Cuban Revolution. More details on this at the Imaging Insider
  • Antiques Roadshow: In an episode entitled "Hot Springs", signed Ansel Adams phtoographs are featured.
  • Travels to the Edge With Art Wolfe, a 30-minute photography/travel series. Photographer Art Wolfe explores remote locations around the world.

  • Want more photography documentaries? Check our earlier post on Photography documentaries on DVD

    Read the rest of "TV shows on photography (October 2007, USA TV)"...
  • Blast from the Past Charts: Best selling DSLRs at Amazon 13 months ago

    Exactly thirteen months ago, which were the best selling DSLRs at Amazon? The answer is right here. Please keep in mind that this was a snapshot of the best sellers, a frozen moment in time, so no long term conclusions should be drawn based upon this olde list.

    1. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D with kit lens, black
    2. Canon D-Rebel XT 350D with kit lens, black
    3. Canon D-Rebel XTi 400D, body only, black
    4. Canon EOS 30D
    5. Nikon D80 Body only
    6. Nikon D50 with 18-55 DX kit lens
    7. Canon D-Rebel XT 350D, body only, black
    8. Pentax K100D with kit lens
    9. Sony A100 with 18-70 DT kit lens
    10. Canon D-Rebel XT 350D with kit lens, silver

    And some other rankings of interest:
    11. Nikon D80 with 18-135 DX (4-6 weeks delay in shipment)
    12. Olympus E500 with two lens kit
    13. Nikon D50 body only
    14. Nikon D200 with 18-200 DX VR lens
    17. Nikon D200 body only
    19. Canon 5D
    22. Sony A100 body only
    28. Pentax K100D body only
    29. Olympus E300 with kit lens
    30. Pentax K110D with kit lens
    33. Pentax K10D body only (not released yet)
    43. Pentax K10D + kit lens (not released yet)
    45. Olympus E500 body only
    47. Olympus E330 body only
    49. Panasonic L1 with MegaOIS lens
    52. Olympus E500 with kit lens
    55. Fuji S3 UVIR
    58. Olympus E1 ($500 via Cameta)
    60. Nikon D2Xs
    68. Samsung GX-1s with kit lens
    72. Samsung GX-1L with kit lens
    77. Pentax K110D body only
    90. Nikon D2HS

    And there you have it, a trip down memory lane, 13 months before this day. Regular readers of the show blog will note that we combined two regular blog features into one here, The Charts and Blast from the Past. A two-for-one special :-)

    Read the rest of "Blast from the Past Charts: Best selling DSLRs at Amazon 13 months ago"...

    The DSLR Playoffs have just began!

    Welcome to the first ever DSLR Playoffs! The contestants are the top four actual cameras in our "Most Exciting Future DSLRs" polls located in the left column of this blog. Only DSLRs that are actual products are eligible for the playoffs. Future mythical cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark II, Pentax K1D, K12D, and Nikon D200s or D200x live happily in our imaginations, but they are not actual products.

    Based on the total votes in our "Most Exciting Future DSLR" poll, the Nikon D3 is the #1 overall and they are facing the #4 Canon 40D. The #2 faces off the #3 in what promises to be a very interesting battle between the Nikon D300 and the Olympus E3. The poll is open for seven days and you the readers will decide the winners. The Polls are in the right column of the blog! They will close automatically one week after tip-off.

    The two winners will face off in the Final, which lasts one week as well. Again, you, the readers will decide the winner and New DSLR Champion.

    So now the ball is in your hands! Vote and decide the winners. If this proves to be a popular feature there will be more of these in the future!

    Read the rest of "The DSLR Playoffs have just began!"...

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    Most popular stories and posts in this blog

    This is a fun thing to do! Today I will be revealing the most popular stories and links of this blog in this month. I'm sure everyone is on the edge of their seats right now. I am, because my chair is further away from the desk ;-)

    Their popularity is determined by the number of clicks they received this month. If there is interest in this, I will try to do it on a regular basis.

    Most Popular Links (stories clicked from this blog, alphabetical order)

  • 1Ds Mark III vs the Nikon D3, dpreview forums
  • Canon 40D at Amazon
  • Home Page (computer translated to english)
  • Five high ISO images from the Nikon D3 at, one of the first semi-official samples from the Nikon D3 that has created a big stir.
  • Full Frame Wars: Canon vs Nikon, in the dpreview forums.
  • The Imaging Insider, with a wide variety of digital photography and imaging news and stories.
  • ISO 6400 crops compared between the Nikon D3 and D300, dpreview forums.
  • Nikon D3 and D300 pre-production review at
  • Rumors and speculation: Will Nikon expand its full-frame DSLR lineup? - dpreview forums.

    Most Popular Posts (blog posts here at 1001 Noisy, in random order)
  • Canon vs Nikon, forum style, and a 5D competitor may be coming up!
  • Olympus posts E3 Teasers in mid-August.
  • Discussion of the Nikon D3/D300 samples at
  • e-photographia posted an exclusive look at the Sony T200 and T70
  • The introduction of the Ricoh R7. The Ricoh R7 is available at Amazon via Adorama for around $370 as of this very moment this post is written.
  • Leaked! Kodak Z812-IS
  • Leaked! Kodak V1253 and V1233
  • Offiical announcements of the Canon G9, A650-IS, SX100-IS, A720IS, SD870IS and many more!
  • Canon A720IS delayed in Japan.

    Read the rest of "Most popular stories and posts in this blog"...
  • Photography Soup (Monday, October 22)

    News from Japan

  • informs us (computer-translated) of a brand new Polaroid digital camera launched in Japan. The camera looks very familiar in style *hint* *hint* Polaroid Japan press release, also computer-translated. The Polaroid T730 is a 7mp 1/2.5", 3x optical (34-102mm eq), 2.5" (230K) LCD, max ISO 400 (some common sense?) and 19.1mm thin. Where have I heard that 19.1mm number before? :-) Available in silver or black.

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Catch up with the latest from the wide world of digital imaging at the Imaging Insider.
  • Step-up DSLRs heat up the market at Photo Plus NYC.
  • A video test of the splashproofness of the Olympus E3 by Master Chong.
  • A CBS photographer turns 95.
  • What's a fast lens?

    Discovering new blogs with BlogRush
  • A nice post found in the Blog Rush widget, from Neil Creek's blog, The first question every photographer must answer.
  • Some great tips on portrait photography at the Alpha Photography Blog.
  • Reading the light, an article from the photography business tips blog.
  • We also discovered this nicely weekly column, This week in the Digital Photography School.
  • If you love coffee, you will love this coffee assignment at the Digital Photography School (DPS). Excuse me while I fire up the espresso machine :)
  • This and many other interesting articles are circulating around the net with the new blog syndication network Blog Rush.

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • This power user spent three hours comparing the Nikon D3, D300 and D200 at the Photo Plus show in NYC. Read all about it! (Memo to the post author: Please feel free to mix in a paragraph break).
  • Some Nikonians think that the DX format is dead. Expect fireworks :)
  • High ISO duel, the A100 vs the A700 at ISO 1600.
  • Prime-al cravings.
  • Mayima on the run?
  • Let's have an E1 appreciation day.
  • Is the D300 worth it?
  • If you think these threads are wild, here are some wildlife pictures.

    This Noisy Blog
  • If you were visiting yesterday, you have noticed some reformatting work in progress. We made a minor face-lift to the blog while we gave the blog a headache. Web site design is not our forte by a long shot :) Hopefully this more usable. Please let us know what you think.
  • The DSLR Playoffs will begin on Tuesday. Have you picked a team? The matchups look like they are going to be Nikon D300 vs Olympus E3 and Nikon D3 vs Canon 40D.

    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Monday, October 22)"...
  • Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Olympus E3: The Testable Claims

    While I don't have the resources to test the claims made in the Olympus E3 press release, I can certainly point them out! So in this exercise we will be identifying all the claims made in the E3 press release and seeing how testable they are. Hopefully the people who are planning to review the E3 can take a look :)

    We start with the E3 press release as posted at dpreview and list the Testable Claims:
    1) world’s fastest auto-focusing speeds. This has an asterisk which says: "In combination with the new Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm".
    2) powerful built-in image stabilisation system which is capable of compensating against the effects of camera shake to the equivalent of up to 5 EV steps
    3) E-3 boasts flawless automatic white balance
    4) 5 fps sequential shooting with 19 image RAW buffer
    5) camera’s large viewfinder which provides 100% coverage
    6) a shutter life of 150,000 operations
    7) Olympus E-3 will be available from the end of November 2007
    8) The critically acclaimed Supersonic Wave Filter ingeniously protects the High Speed Live MOS sensor from dust and other foreign particles

    Of the list above, there are two that stand-out in my mind, and you can guess which ones I have in mind, #1 and #2. #1 sounds more plausible since it is with a specific lens, the lovely Olympus 12-60mm. So that sounds like something that could test out, perhaps not under all conditions, but under some conditions it's likely that they will have the "fastest AF speed".

    #2 however is where things are a bit muddy. Why? Because it has the magic words: up to 5. What exactly is the range and under what circumstances can you get 5? I'm sure their lawyers wouldn't let them say "up to 5" unless there was at least one circumstance where you got a five stop difference. The big question is what circumstance is that? Is it when a right-handed hobbit holds the camera in his left hand while jumping up and down on his right leg, and using the 12-60 lens, at a specific focal length, shutter speed, aperture and under specific lighting conditions?

    We've seen claims before of three stops and we got closer to two, so with claims of five we could hope for four :)

    Read the rest of "Olympus E3: The Testable Claims"...

    VIDI: Is Canon invincible?

    I was reading this article on Canon at (a stock site, not a Minolta Mount Alpha site), and I was trying to respond with a comment to the extremely bullish article written by the author. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties and I wasn't able to publish the post there, so instead of waiting for the technical issues to be resolved, I am posting the comment here as VIDI, our Sunday faux-editorial.

    Remember, the post below is in response to this article. Please read it first in order to put the comments below in context! Here is my reply to that article:

    I have to offer a rather contrarian view to this however. These are only my opinions and trends, it doesn't mean the Canon train will be derailed, just that it's not a bed of roses. Why?

    1) For the first time in many years Canon lost the lead in the Japanese DSLR market. A year ago most people thought that was impossible, but Nikon outsold Canon in H1 in Japan. While Japan is not the world, the Japanese market is influential both in terms of trends and because it's the home market of most of these companies.

    2) Their flagship 1D Mark III has been plagued with issues a $5000 camera should not have, while Nikon's upcoming flagship the D3 has been generating more buzz than any Nikon in recent years. While very few people buy these, there is siginificant trickle down effert from having a top dog camera.

    3) They lost the press release war this time around. This rarely happens. Usually companies make their new announcements and trumpet their products, then Canon makes their announcements and gets them all quiet. This hasn't happened this year. Nikon won the press release with the D3 and D300 duo.

    4) Canon has been notorious for being able to consistently sell a camera model throught its product lifecycle. This time around the prices are not holding up. For example they were forced to crash the price of the S5 IS in order to compete.

    5) Unable to take over the "fun zoom" segment. Usually Canon is not the first to jump on a new trend, but once they do, they take over. This is partially why they have pretty spreadsheets, they make very business savvy decisions. However, they have not been able to take over the new "fun zoom" subsegment of the superzooms. The TX1 was a failure by Canon standards, and while the SX100IS is doing better, it's still not there compared to the Panasonic TZ3.

    6) A lot of A-series cameras under $200, and a couple hugging the $100 price. This increases unit sales and market share, but it's not as pretty profit wise.

    Again, these are just some trends to watch, all of these are correctable, and it does suggest that the Canon train is derailed. But it shows they are neither invincible nor guaranteed to be #1 for the rest of time. That was not the case a year ago :)

    Read the rest of "VIDI: Is Canon invincible?"...

    New Samsung Digital Camera, the S73 (sort of)

    We have a new digital camera awareness today. While I was at Radio Shack I noticed a couple of digital cameras in blister packs. One was the Kodak C613, and the other was a model I have not heard of before, the Samsung S73. It looks very similar and smells very similar to the Samsung S730. The Radio Shack website has them available in fashionable pink and generic silver at $130.

    A Google search on this model has revealed a few listings at other online stores as well. The most high profile of them all probably being J&R World which also offers these cameras via their Amazon store as well at the same price of $130. J&R has three colors, fashionable pink, silver and black.

    The camera specs are as expected, 7mp 1/2.5", 3x pedestrian optical, 2.5" LCD, SD, AA, etc. Please note that it ships in a blister pack, not in the traditional digital camera box! Blister pack are those air-tight see-through plasticy things that are often impossible to open without scissors or knives. As you can see from the picture, this is not a ultracompact camera, as you can judge by the size of the 2.5" LCD vs the camera body.

    Update I was flipping through the Sunday paper and I noticed the Circuit City weekly ad promoting these as "exclusive". They do have more colors than everyone else, they have the green and blue. Here is how I describe those two colors: The deliciously refreshing lime green and the soothing metallic aqua cyan blue. It looks like Samsung forgot to announce them or did everyone ignore their announcement?

    Read the rest of "New Samsung Digital Camera, the S73 (sort of)"...

    Week in review, and what's coming up

    Let's revisit and recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. This time we present them in chronological order. This week had a distinctive Four Thirds feel to it. I wonder why :)

  • We start with a recap of the previous week.
  • The Blast from the Past looked at the launch of Four Thirds.
  • Our Sunday faux-editorial VIDI looked at Panacea DSLRs. Dennis Miller is not the only one who can dig up obscure words :)
  • We had an instant update for bargain hunters. A camera bag was at half price in Amazon's Lightning Deals on Monday.
  • We officially launched our Olympus E3 coverage with the Pre-Announcement Mania.
  • Then we launched the On Notice Board inspired by Stephen Colbert's On Notice Board.
  • We had new editions of our signature Photography Soup round-ups on Monday October 15, Thursday Oct 18, Friday October 19, and Saturday October 20 2007.
  • We start an Olympus E3 Final Countdown, waiting for the first real leaks, which we got courtesy of eagle-eyed dpreview forum users.
  • And then we had the Official Announcement of the Olympus E3, along with three new Digital Zuiko lenses, a new battery grip HLD-4 and two new flashes FL-50R and FL-36R.
  • We also discussed a Kodak newsbit on DSLRs.
  • Then we covered the price cut and bonus bundle by mail offered by Fuji, as their signature Fuji S5 Pro DSLR is feeling a lot of price pressure from the new wave of new DSLRs that fell upon us.
  • One day after the Olympus E3 was announced. We observed the reactions .
  • In another one of our interactive features we invited our readers to vote and debate the top photography books using the UnSpun polls.
  • We also launced a week-long Promote this Blog campaign, asking our readers to promote this blog by telling their friends about it and doing other simple things to get the word out. Thanks to everyone who helped so far for their help! You know who you are :-)
  • Then we had another edition of our popular The Charts feature, taking a snapshot of the best selling superzooms at Amazon.
  • We also announced the launch of the DSLR Playoffs, amother interactive feature.
  • In collaboration with our sister blog RAWsumer we created a new Unspun interactive poll asking the readers (and everyone on the net) to vote and debate the Best Prosumers of all time.
  • That's all we did the last week :-)

    Coming up this week and beyond at 1001 Noisy
  • More Olympus E3 reactions, including a list of the Testable Claims made by Olympus
  • We introduce our new feature, "1001 Noisy Platinum"
  • The DSLR Playoffs will get started
  • Other new features that we don't want to jinx by mentioning
  • Buyer's Guides of sorts
  • Our regular/weekly features as outlined in the About this blog page.

    Calendar of sorts
  • The Olympus E3 is in the history books, are we going to get a November surprise? How about a Canon 5D Mark II or Pentax K1D or K12D? Or will we have to wait for CES or PMA 2008?
  • January 2008: CES 2008
  • late Jan/early Feb: PMA 2008
  • Fall 2008: Photokina 2008
  • Jan 2009: CES 2009
  • early 2009: PMA 2009
  • Fall 2009: Fauxtokina 2009
  • PMA 2020: A Vivitar-branded 35mm full-frame all-mount DSLR! (wild guess obviously)

    Bargain Hunter's Corner
  • The camera that made the Fun Zoom segment fun, the Panasonic TZ3 is on sale at OneCall for just $257 and $13 3-day FedEx shipping.
  • If you prefer megapixels by the pound, the Sony W200 is $300 with $13 3-day FedEx shipping, also at
  • And the Panasonic FX100K is $313 with free 3-day FedEx shipping at

    Read the rest of "Week in review, and what's coming up"...