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1001 Noisy Cameras in a nutshell
1001 Noisy Cameras is digital camera news, speculation, analysis, rumors, unique and off-beat features with a dose of humor. This is a mix-format blog, it's like having a dozen blogs trapped in one, or a photography forum compressed in a single page. Some of the core activities:
  • chase rumors, engage in speculation, predictions
  • cover hot topics, latest buzz and the latest news
  • include comedy, parody, satire, silliness (think The Colbert Report for digital cameras)
  • talk shopping, bargain hunting, pre-orders, price drops
  • cover impact reviews, organize reviews
  • gadgetology
  • free market analysis blog-style (you get what you pay for!)

Why this blog name?
All the good names are taken! So we had to improvise by blending things. Since noise is a big issue and since there are so many digital cameras, we blended them together. But wait there's more! There is an additional secret meaning to "1001" - those familiar with binary numbers may have already figured it out, digital images are recorded as a series of 0s and 1s on the memory card!

Finding this blog easily
Forgot the url? You can easily find this blog by searching for "1001 noisy" in Google or any other search engine. And voila, you found it again! You can also  subscribe to the blog feed and social bookmark this blog with digg,, etc. Or type the whole url, in a browser window.

Who's singing our praises now?
Imaging Insider was the first major photography and imaging website to "discover" and recognize this noisy blog, so a big thank you to the Imaging Insider!

Listed as one of the Top 10 Blogs you to gotta read daily by Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog

Added to Photography page at AllTop. AllTop is a new website by team including Guy Kawasaki of Apple fame that aggregates headlines on a variety of topics from hand-picked websites and blogs.

Featured on episode #103 of Photoshop User TV.

Ranked #8 among consumer electronics blogs (1/1/08) with a 9.1 rating by the editors of blog directory More details.

Our extensive rumoralia coverage was featured in the official PMA trade show blog.

Our comments on the Olympus E3 were featured in the 12/24/07 edition of Photo Imaging News, an industry print (and PDF) newsletter (annual subscription $170/yr).

Oops, I forgot to mention we also received three Emmys, two Oscars, one Grammy, and one Nobel Peace Prize. We lost the Nobel Science Prize to yet another String Theory unifying unified-theory theory. That 11th dimension got us!

The Blog Feed
The blog feed burned by Feedburner and it is compatible with both RSS and Atom, so you can  subscribe in a reader. We are syndicating a full-text feed for your convenience.

Can I add the feed directly to my favorite Reader right now?
Yes, you can also add our feed directly to your favorite reader using these buttons:
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I want to subscribe by email!
And how about those who want to subscribe by email? We have two subscription by email options, using the Feedburner service. We have discontinued our Feedblitz subscription service.

Policy on Reader Comments
While this blog likes and supports reader participation via comments, polls, email, and via other interactive and Web 2.0 features, as a blog administrator we reserve the common sense right to remove any content that includes hate speech, spam, toxic comments, promotes violence, etc, etc, and anything else that we may find harmful for this blog.

We do not edit the content of comments. Comments can be in three states: Posted, Deleted, or waiting for moderation if moderation is enabled.

Please note that we are not providing a comment storage service. Comments may be deleted intentionally or accidentally. If you would like to have your comments saved, be sure to do so. It's as easy as opening up notepad or vi and pasting them in :)

Privacy Policy
This blog is free for everyone to read. We do not require, nor offer registration for reading any of the available blog content.

If you would like to write comments on blog posts, you can do so using the Blogger/Blogspot service infrastructure. We can delete and moderate comments, but we have no access to the comment authentication service. That is handled by Blogger/Blogspot.

We offer and encourage RSS subscriptions. A small percentage of our subscribers (about 2%) prefer to subscribe by email. We do not use the email addresses for any purpose - Feedburner automatically handles email subscriptions and delivery of new posts.

We use website counters such as statcounter and google analytics to see if anyone is actually reading this blog and how they are finding this blog and things like that.

We use a number of affiliate and advertising programs to help fund this poor blog. We try to use basic HTML links wherever possible, and avoid scripts or flash unless they are the only option available. Please visit each retailer's and advertiser's website for more details on their individual privacy policies.

Unfortunately some of the affiliate programs are using intermediate urls, so you will see some strange looking urls if you are not familiar with the affiliate programs administered by Commission Junction, Google Performics, Linkshare and Pepperjam. We keep reminding them every chance we get to switch to normal urls but it's falling on deaf ears so far.

The vast majority of links to retailer websites are affiliate links. Using them helps support this blog which offers free content and free full-text feeds. It is reasonable to assume that a link to a retailer website is an affiliate link. You can find out by mousing over the link, or send us an email if you are not sure how to tell.

We also offer the opportunity for donations using the Amazon Honor System. We do not handle or see any of the transaction details. Amazon handles everything. We only see that a donation was made, the date and the amount. If a donor wishes, they can let us know that they made a donation using the Amazon Honor system. We prefer this over PayPal, since PayPal is peer-to-peer while Amazon handles this as an intermediary service. See their website for more details.

It is not technically feasible to offer granular opt-outs, so if you wish to opt-out of any of the above, please stop visiting this blog. If you can "donate" us the services and infrastructure of the IT department of a Fortune 500 company for a week, we'll be happy to implement anything you want :) For individual advertisers/retailers, please check their websites.

What should I expect to find in this blog?
  • Coverage of new digital camera announcements.
  • Speculation, speculation and more speculation, such as our Fauxtokina 2007 speculation spectatular
  • Discussion of rumors, opinion and analysis.
  • Check below for more details

Daily Blog Features (almost daily)

What is Photography Soup?
It's a name I came up to describe a daily information-overload round-up post that has all sorts of sources and types of information in it. Thus, the Soup part. Some of the ingredients you may find in the Soup are:
  • Overheard in the dpreview forums is a photography forum digest, spotlighting some of the more interesting threads among the thousands out there. Think of it as an iPod accessory to dpreview and the other photography forums out there :) The latest issue is always here. If on a particular day it becomes too long, it gets its own spin-off post.
  • Around the Internets, yes the plurar is for entertainment purposes. Looks at stories of interest from various sites and blogs around the net .
  • Discover new sites and blogs spotlights new (to me) websites and blogs. Some of these are brand new websites/blogs, others may have been around for a while now. If they are new to me, they might be new to you as well :)
  • News from Japan looks at computer-translated texts and deciphering new news for you! There you will learn the meaning of computer-translated terms, such as "hand being off center revision", "connected copying" and Shiguma.
  • Bargain Hunter's Corner is, as the title implies, sharing camera deals of we find while stumbling around the net.
  • Reading is fun-da-mental spotlights photography-related or themed books and magazines.

Weekly Blog Features
  • VIDI: Our Sunday faux-editiorial, not posted every Sunday. VIDI stands for ..."Village Idiot Discovers the Internets". Yes, all the good names for Sunday editorials were taken :)
  • A weekly recap post every Sunday that looks at all the posts of the previous week, has a tentantive plan of what to expect the next week, and ends with a tiny calendar of upcoming events (eg new Olympus DSLR E-3 to be announced on October 16).
  • Blast from the Past: Looks at a moment in time from the long (ha!) history of digital cameras.
  • The Charts: This feature was voted by the Readers as the Feature I will be doing on a weekly basis. It looks at the best selling cameras at various online and offline retailers around the world.
  • TV shows on Photography is a monthly-ish feature that looks at photography and camera TV shows available on USA cable and satellite TV.

Ongoing Blog Features
  • The Buzz: The Buzzworthy cameras and lenses are listed. Buzzworthiness is determined by me using a sophisticated algorithm that compares in complexity to Google's Page Rank (or I pick the cameras that are generating the most discussions).
  • Production Camera Tracker: Looks at the monthly production outputs of various digital cameras as specified by their own press releases in Japan.
  • 1001 Noisy Terms: Not enough terms out there, so I created a few more, such as RAWsumer which transformed itself into the RAWsumer blog.
  • Tags (aka Labels): All along the right sidebar/column, there is a long list of tags/labels. Ever since Blogger added those we tried to properly tag/label every post. So if you are looking for something in particular, or just want to browse through the different topics, be sure to check out the tags!
  • Oh and there's a sister blog, RAWsumer that covers fixed lens digital cameras that support RAW.

How about Social Bookmarking?
This is one of the corner stones of Web 2.0, so we are offering our readers the chance to use this blog in that context. If you see a post you like, or if you like the whole blog, don't be shy, bookmark it :-) We have placed bookmarking buttons and links all over the blog for your convenience and because they look so cool ;-) More buttons coming soon :)
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In an ideal world, this blog would only have the articles that interest each one of you, and nothing else. However, preparing this blog takes a lot of time and resources, and since my printer can't print money (I knew I should have gotten the firmware upgrade!), I have to "monetize" this blog. I try to make the ads as organic and functional as possible when I have creative control over them. If you have a blog or website you can understand those trade-offs, people who are not running similar websites may find these ads annoying, but without them, this blog wouldn't exist :)

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