Thursday, October 18, 2007

Advertise on this blog

There are many ways to advertise on this blog:

Advertise using your favorite ad services or ad agencies
Just let us know which service(s) you prefer to use. If we are not listed there, we'll be happy to join along and make it happen.

Advertise directly on this blog
At the moment we can only offer simple straight-up sponsorship type ads directly, ranging from one day to 30 days. (We are looking into more advanced options for later in 2008).

If you sign up and your strategy changes along the way, we offer no questions asked pro-rated refunds for the remaining of your term.

Text ads will be marked as "nofollow" per the latest Google guidelines.

For direct ads we prefer products or services that match the content of the blog. As part of this introductory special, we will offer lower prices for products that are a closer match. For example, a software company wanting to promote their RAW software will get a much lower price than a car company or a laundry detergent company because the ad would be a better match. And if you are a small or poor company, we can offer an even lower price :)

For more, the email address is 1001noisycameras [at] gmail [dot] com.

Google AdWords/Adssense
You can also advertise on this blog using Google Adwords/AdSense. If you have an ad-size that we do not currently have on this blog, just let us know to see if we can fit into the template.

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