Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blast from the Past: The Launch of Four Thirds

With the Olympus E3 just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to revisit the launch of the Four Thirds system in our weekly Blast from the Past column.

4/3rds was officially launched at Photokina 2002, with a press release titled "The Olympus and Kodak 4/3 system digital SLR camera standard". Some of the wording was rather unfortunate, as they called it "a standard", even though for the first few years it was really the Olympus "digital" mount.

While that was the officially announcement, there was word of this happening as early as February 2001 at PMA.

The first real 4/3rds products teaser came at PMA 2003, while the Olympus E1 was officially announced in June 2003.

Four years later, Olympus is all set to announce the E1 replacement, the Olympus E3 on October 16/17. Can you wait for it? Are you hoping for an early leak? And more importantly what will it be?

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