Sunday, October 7, 2007

Blast from the Past: The year is 1998

Today's edition takes a look at history through the eyes of Digicam History. There you will find a history of photography, starting from the 1800s and moving closer in time, all the way up to 1998. We've come a long way eh?

But on top of the content assembled there, they have a comprehensive list of historical links and articles. If you haven't updated your website or blog in a few years, you may find it there :) Among them, a relevant photo-editorial at

Back to Digicam history, assembled there is a comprehensive list of digital cameras announced up to and including 1998. For example, here are the cameras announced in 1998 by companies whose names start with the letter S. Let's see how many of those cameras do you own, or least you recognize, even vaguely. We have the Samsung Digimax 50 which looks like a miniature projector ;-) We have a series of Sanyo VPC- models with a fixed in-body lens and 1/3" sensors. We have a few Sony Floppicas, the floppy disc based Mavica series, such as the MVC-FD91, FD71, FD51. Nice to see the familiar Sony model numbering is preserved :) And if you got tired of floppies, you could store your cameras on a whopping 128mb memory stick. Meanwhile the F55 featuring a swiveling Carl Zeissony lens.

And let's not forget the jewel of the crown, the Sony DSC D700, with a street price of $1600 at the time, a zoom range of 28-140mm and a 1/2" 1mp CCD. Sounds familiar Sony R1 fans? :-) So don't lose hope! At the same rate we should expect a follow-up at around 2009 :-)

And all these are just the letter S manufacturers. How about the letters A-D? We have some Agfas, we have the Canon Pro70, the Canon EOS D2000 (aka Kodak DCS 520) and D6000 (aka Kodak DCS 560), a clumsy Elph/Ixus/Ixy named the Powershot A5, and a handful of Casio QV-series models.

Hey how about equal representation scream the Nikon fans, so we have to visit the letters L to N. We have a Leica-Fuji, yes Leica was partnered with Fuji before Leica-Panasonic. Imagine if they stayed with Fuji, the F31fd in a Red Dot outfit! We also had an LG paperweight cam, a Mattel Barbie Cam, the Minolta Dimage EX 1500 which had a detachable lens/CCD asembly, the Nikon Coolpix 600 (aka Panasonic PV-DC 1580) with a detachable side-flash, the swiveling Nikon Coolpix E900, E910 (aka 900, 910), and the 1 megapixel DSLR, the Nikon E3 and E3s (also available as Fuji DS560 and DS565). Those were the days :-)

Well, I could do this all day, but I will leave the rest of the alphabet for you to explore :-)

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