Friday, October 26, 2007

Breaking News: Canon G9 review posted at dpreview!

Breaking News: The Canon G9 review posted at dpreview! While this is a GINO, it has made some progress from the G7, as it has added RAW and a couple of other features. This 21-page review is written by Simon Joinson and it is the fourth Canon review in a row posted by dpreview. As always I won't be revealing their conclusions or the final rating, although I bet it will be hotly debates in the dpreview forums.

Early forum reactions

  • Since the review as just posted, we'll have to wait for a little bit for reactions to the review. Here are some early discussions.
  • For all discussions, be sure to visit the Canon Talk dpreview forum.
  • More later today.

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    Mr. Canon G9 Camera said...

    So far, I'm very happy with my upgrade to the G9 from the G7

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    I'm glad you are happy with it! How is the G9 doing battery-life wise?