Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breaking news: New Sony T2 announced in Japan! (computer-translated) informs the world that Sony Japan has announced a new T-series camera, the Sony T2. The T2 is an 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical optically stabilized 38-114mm lens, 2.7" touchpad LCD camera with a 4gb built-in memory. It will go on sale in Japan in late November for around 40,000 yen. Needless to say it will have face detection with smile shutter. It will be available in three fashionable colors. A blue and a pink carrying case, LCS-TWE will also be available. And here is the press release from Sony Japan.

Now the T2 being picked up by more websites. reports that it will be available in the US in December for $350. DCresource reports that has a LiIon battery capacity of 280 CIPA, which is not bad for a small camera.

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This model name of course is not to be confused with the Sony Vaio T2 notebook computer line-up. Google is already mixing those two up :)

Amazon estimates shipment on December 10, with a price of $350 and a pre-order low price guarantee. Available in three colors in the US, black, silver and fashionable pink.


Candy said...

"Sony Japan has announced a new T-series camera, the Sony T2. The T2 is an 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical optically stabilized 38-114mm..."

Oh my, 3 fashionable colors as well!

How exciting! Now the bimbos can have cameras to match their shoes! LOL

Yet another tiny sensor "me too" camera.

Yawn.... zzzzzzzzzzzz

I have come to the conclusion that camera makers have nothing that's new or innovative to offer in compact cameras.

Like a larger sensor for one thing.

I personally would not buy a camera with a 1/2.5 sensor...

I'm still waiting for the Sigma DP1.

Wish me luck with that... LOL

1001 noisy cameras said...

Indeed, these small cameras have become almost like bling-bling fashion accessories. There was a full page Liz Claiborne ad in Best Buy's weekly circular promoting Liz Claiborne branded accessories for electronics.

The next business idea? A fashion magazine for electronics! Here are some ideas for the first issue: What suit should one wear to match their laptop? Are the ten thousand pockets in Dockers Mobile pants really practical? Which digital camera matches my bag? Fashion emergency: My tie does not match my new HDTV. Help!

The long wait for the Sigma DP1! I hope it doesn't turn out to be like the Polaroid X530. Rumor has it BigFoot is beta-testing it by taking portrait pictures of the Loch Ness monster ;-)