Monday, October 8, 2007

The Charts: Map Camera in Japan informs us of the latest best sellers at Map Camera (computer-translated link). Btw, congratulations to for celebrating 3,000 days in operation!

The numbers provided are the sales at Map Camera stores in September 2007 and they are broken down in new and used. Judging from the sales, it looks like Map Camera attracts an advanced/amateur crowd, rather than the average consumer.

So let's see, the Canon 40D blasts its way to the top, followed by the Panasonic LX2 (noise or not), Ricoh GX100 with the optional Viewfinder, Panasonic FX100 and Ricoh GR-D rounding up the top 5. The new Panasonic FZ18 is at #8 and the new Canon G9 is at #10. Check for all the details.

In the used market, the Nikon D200 and Canon 30D duo lead the way, with all DSLRs in the top 8. The first non-DSLRs are the Ricoh GR-D and GX100 at #9 and #10. Other cameras of interest, the Fuji F40fd is at #16, the trusty Nikon D70 at #17, and the Nikon P5100 at #19.


amin said...

Very interesting. High end indeed! I would never have guessed that order. I suspect the G9 will rocket to the top for the next list, but it's nice to see Panasonic and Ricoh at the top as far as compacts go. I see them as two of the real innovators in the compact camera industry, possibly the two most likely to produce a Prosumer Messiah =).

amin said...

Hard to believe those results though...

1001 noisy cameras said...

They both deserve a lot of credit for trying. I think Ricoh seems to be more adaptable, perhaps because of their smaller size. I'm interested to see what their new engine improves in the R7.

Hooray for the next Prosumer Messiah!

I am not familiar with the Japanese stores, so I don't know how Map Camera fits in the grand scheme of things. But from what I recall percentage-wise DSLRs are more popular in Japan.

Maybe the store gives the buyers a photography test before they are allowed to enter the store? :)