Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Charts: What's hot at J&R World?

Welcome to another edition of The Charts, where we take a look at the top selling cameras around the world. Today's episode stops at J&R World. Please keep in mind these are snapshots of the best selling cameras, so no long term conclusions should be drawn based upon just this instance. And with that out of the way, who is #1?

1. Nikon S50 Redicon - I guess it's true, red gets people's attention!
2. Canon SD850 ISicon - the grown up version of the mass market SD 1000
3. Canon A560, a bang for the buck A-series model
4. Nikon Coolpix S200 - is it me or does it look a bit Elphish?
5. Sony W55 black - same as above
6. Canon SD1000 - same as above, except it really is an Elph :)
7. Sony H9icon at $400
8. Olympus FE-280
9. Nikon Coolpix S50c (the small "c" stands for wireless; shouldn't that have been a small "w"?)
10. Panasonic TZ3 silver at $250 even, the current leader of "fun zooms"
11. Canon SD870 IS, the new wide angle model
12. Sony S700, yes a Sony under $150
13. Canon G9icon - while a GINO, this definitely stands out on its own
14. Canon SD750, the choice of the previous generation with a 3" LCD.
15. Sony W55 silver, Sony's selling a lot of these

Top DSLRs at J&R
These are extracted from the best selling chart and listed in order:
1. Canon 40D body onlyicon
2. Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D with 18-55 EF-S lens, black; the main Rebel of the holiday shopping season
3. Nikon D40 with 18-55 DX lens, at exactly $500. Wow, a new Nikon DSLR with a kit lens at $500!
4. Nikon D300 body onlyicon - on the strength of pre-orders. This is amazing.
5. Nikon D80 with 18-135 DX kit, at $1150
6. Canon Digital Rebel XT 350D with 18-55 EF-S lens, black. Almost $500, a price drop short of that.
7. Sony A100 with 18-70 DT lens. Finally someone other than CaNikon!
8. Canon Digital Rebel Xti 400D, body only, black
9. Nikon D80 body only
10. Sony A100 body only

We could go on all day and night, but we have more stuff to cover, reactions to the new Ricoh GRD2 announcement, and continuing with the Digital Camera Map. If you missed the Ricoh GRD2 announcement frenzy, here it is.

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