Monday, October 15, 2007

The debut of the On Notice Board!

Olympus Panorama: Olympus continues to insist on requiring Olympus-branded memory cards in order to use the panorama feature in their cameras. They are the only company to be using this gimmick. There is a simple workaround to make non-Olympus memory cards work as well. Shame on Olympus for insisting on such as silly and childish gimmick after so many years.

xD memory card: A totally unnecessary format introduced by Fuji and Olympus to replace Smartmedia. They (and their users) paid the price for it as xD is only used by those two companies and nobody else. Fuji woke up and started offering dual xD/SD drives in their cameras. Olympus is still asleep at the wheel.

Venus Engine: Panasonic's sensors and Venus engine are responsible for the noise and noise reduction side-effects that mar their nicely designed cameras and Leica-sonic lenses.

1D Mark III: A $5000 DSLR should not have those kinds of issues.

Foveon: Too much hype, not enough cameras.

Sigma DP-1: Where are you? Sigma wake up and smell the roses!

DSLR Priority: Traditional SLR Manufacturers are operating on (D)SLR priority and ignoring the other segments of the market. This is what they know how to do, and once DSLRs became affordable they reverted to their past.

Fuji no mo' magic: We understand that Fuji has to compete with the rest of them on megapixels, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon your very successful 6mp "magic" SuperCCD sensor found in the likes of the Fuji F31fd, S6000fd, etc. Fuji, wake up and release a few more 6mp "magic" cameras!

The On Notice board was generated at Stephen Colbert is not affiliated with this blog or this on-notice board presented here. But if you want to find out more about Stephen Colber(t), check his brand new book. Also look for his TV show "The Colber(t) Repor(t)" at I almost named this blog "The Digital Camera Repor(t)" :-)

So what do you think? Who else deserves to be On Notice? Who or what did I forget? Let us know in the Comments section of this post!


Anonymous said...

Good selections. I would suggest adding:

* Canon fanboys. How about spending less time talking up your favorite brand and spend more time taking photos instead. Understand that not everyone drank the same Kool-Aid you did, and no, we don't want a sip.

* Ken Rockwell. Just cause. Guys like him need to know he's on notice and we've got our eyes on him.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the note!

I'll keep them in mind when I do the next update. There is a limit of 8 entries on the board.

So what I am thinking is to reserve one slot out of the seven for the Readers of the blog to vote and decide!

Anonymous said...

"Fuji woke up and started offering dual xD/SD drives in their cameras. Olympus is still asleep at the wheel."

Olympus offers cameras with both an xD and SD drive. The e500 for example has both.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for your comment but Olympus does not offer SD in their cameras, or did I miss one? :)

The E500, just like some of their other advanced models offer CF in addition to xD, because xD alone won't cut it. But the vast majority of their cameras are xD-only. Remember, we are talking about digital cameras, not DSLRs only. The list of Olympus cameras at dpreview has quick links to their specs for reference.