Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The DSLR Playoff Finals have just began!

The DSLR Playoff Finals have just began! You, the readers will decide the DSLR Playoff Champion. The two finalists are the Nikon D3 which handily defeated the Canon 40D, and the winner of the very close race between the Olympus E3 and the Nikon D300, the ...Nikon D300. So we have the two Nikons facing off each other! Vote on! The poll will close in seven days and the winner will be decided. As always, check for the DSLR Playoff polls in the right column of this noisy blog.

Elsewhere, don't miss our 16 page down article attempting to map the line-ups of every major digital camera manufacturer. This is still a work in progress, but more content is added.

Also, a reader appreciation post, the 1001 Noisy Readers List showcases the galleries and blogs of our readers.

Another recent on-going feature is our early PMA 2008 speculation, covering both DSLRs and fixed lens digital cameras.

Because of the digital camera map and the PMA 2008 speculation our regular features Photography Soup and the Overheard in the Forums will return either late Tuesday or on Wednesday.

On the Web 2.0 front, we removed the Shoutbox and added the brand new beta "Are you in my Top Spots" fun widget. Also added recently were Feedjit Live Traffic Reports.

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