Saturday, October 20, 2007

DSLR Playoffs begin on Tuesday!

As we mentioned before, one week after the announcement of the Olympus E3, we will begin the DSLR Playoffs.

Cameras are eligible for the playoffs if they are actual products. The top four actual camera products in our "Most Exciting Future DSLR" Poll will qualify. The #1 vote-getter will face-off the #4 vote-getter and the #2 will face the #3. You, the readers will decide who wins by voting in each playoff. We will give one week for each round. The two winners will face-off the following week for the New DSLR Playoffs Championship :) One week will be given for that vote as well, and once again, you, the readers, will decide. The "Most Exciting Future DSLR" poll is located in the left column of this blog.

As of right now, the Nikon D3 would face the Canon 40D and the Olympus E3 (E-P1) would face-off the Nikon D300. This promises to be an exciting battle as they are currently tied in our poll. The Canon 5D Mark II and the Pentax K1D or K12D are not actual products so they are not eligible for the DSLR Playoffs. Unless of course they are announced by Tuesday :)

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