Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fuji S5 Pro feels the pressure, lowers price and offers bonus by mail

The new wave of sub-$2000 DSLRs such as the Canon 40D, Nikon D300 and Olympus E3 have put more price pressure on the Fuji S5 Pro, and Fuji responded by lowering the price to $1600 body only but also by introducing a new special - bonus products by mail. The bonus products will be delivered by mail. This is not a cash-back rebate! The bonus consists of the Fujifilm HyperUtility HS-V3 and Pantone Huey (TM) Pro. You must buy the Fuji S5 Pro Body only configuration to qualify for this offer. The Fuji S5 kit that comes pre-bundled with the Pantone Huey does not qualify for this promotion!

More details at, then click on Professional, then Promotions, then look for the S5 in the list. Direct link to the Fuji S5 promotion page. There you will find the promotion details in PDF format. Be sure to read and follow the instructions if you are interested!

The Fuji S5 Pro is available at Amazon and B&H Photo and at other retailers as well. If you are interested in participating in this promotion, be sure to purchase from an authorized Fuji dealer per the PDF instructions.

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