Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Impact review: Dpreview has just posted their Canon 40D review! (ujpdated: Also IR and DCR)

We don't usually have individual posts for a single camera review, unless it is an impact review! And this one it is! Canon's brand new mid-range DSLR the Canon 40D gets a full detailed technical review at dpreview. This is a 30 page review from dpreview founder Phil Askey. The review starts with a nice brief history of Canon DSLRs in this segment. And how does it end? I'm not going to reveal the conclusions, you have to read it for yourself. This is a spoiler free zone :-)

Reactions to the review

  • Canon DSLR users discuss the review.
  • Nikon users discuss the review. A spirited discussion as expected. There we learn that "girlymen" use "auto ISO".
  • What do we learn about 14-bit from Phil's review?
  • And the obligatory 150 full frame thread.
  • What of the 40D and high ISO NR?
  • The 40D goes to the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix.
  • Lots of shorter discussions on the 40D in the Canon 40D/30D/20D dpreview forum.
  • Reviewing dpreview's review rating system.
  • What if the 40D and D300 are found to be about the same?
  • Phil's comment on the K10D and the 40D have struct a nerve and sparked a discussion among fans of each camera.
  • Is dpreview soft on Canon but tough on trolling? And those who are keeping count and looking for new conspiracy theories, it's the third dpreview review in a row, and they are all Canon. *GASP*
  • Canon 40D versus E410 noise-wise. And another round, 40D vs E3.
  • Pixel peep all you want, this camera beats the Canon 40D hands down!
  • Sony users are discussing the 40D with emphasis on dynamic range.

    We have another big Canon 40D review, this one posted at Imaging Resource. Find out what the trio of Shawn Barnett, Dave Etchells, and Siegfried Weidelich discovered about the EOS 40D. As always I won't spoil their findings.

    Update #2
    DCresource has also posted their Canon 40D review. This starts to smell like a choreographed review-a-thon? If it was, it was a smart! Here is DC Resource's review. Find out what they found out. No spoilers from me :)


    Bob Johnson said...

    No Way, I'm looking at getting one of these for my wide angle shots in astrophotography, seems to be a good price and has the features I need , I think anyways.

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Nice astrophotography/astronomy blog by the way!