Monday, October 8, 2007

New digital cameras in September 2007

We haven't forgotten about August, but there were so many cameras it is taking forever. So instead, we will go ahead with September which is much much easier to do!

A new DSLR from Sony, meet the Alpha A700

The highlight of the month was the official announcement of the Sony A700, right after the leak. To summarize, this is a 12mp 1.5x DSLR, using the Sony-Minolta mount, with sensor-shift stabilization, LiIon battery, and the usual assortments of a mid-range camera. Starts at $1400 for body only, and avaiable in two different lens-bundle kits. Check the above links for more details.

Two new cameras and a superzoom lens from Pentax

  • Pentax introduced the 18-250 DA lens and two digital cameras, the Optio V10 and Optio A40. Their official announcement in Japan came a few days later.
  • 18-250 DA f3.5-6.3: Will sell for around $500 and it may be closely related to the Tamron equivalent. Takes advantage of sensor-shift stabilization in most new Pentax and Samsung DSLRs.
  • Optio A40: A 12mp 1/1.7" follow-up to the A30, same lens and such, this was as expected, selling for $300.
  • Optio V10: This came as a surprise as Pentax showed a return to its superslim roots with this 19mm thick camera. The V-series is a new line-up for Pentax, but they have made plenty of similar cameras under the S-series in the past. As expected, it's an 8mp 1/2.35" 3x optical zoom cutie. Will sell for $250.

    The attack of the Sanyo hybrids

    The Sanyo Xacti HD700 is a new compact hybrid using a 7mp 1/2.5" sensor, a pedestrian 5x optical zoom, up to 8gb SDHC capacity using MPEG4/H.264, PSAM and an ouch price of $600 even. Yes, the HD in the product name stands for High Definition Video. You can record almost 2 hours of 720p on an 8gb SDHC card. Sort of like the good old SP mode on VCRs and DVD media - in terms of duration, not in terms of picture quality!

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