Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Samsung Digital Camera, the S73 (sort of)

We have a new digital camera awareness today. While I was at Radio Shack I noticed a couple of digital cameras in blister packs. One was the Kodak C613, and the other was a model I have not heard of before, the Samsung S73. It looks very similar and smells very similar to the Samsung S730. The Radio Shack website has them available in fashionable pink and generic silver at $130.

A Google search on this model has revealed a few listings at other online stores as well. The most high profile of them all probably being J&R World which also offers these cameras via their Amazon store as well at the same price of $130. J&R has three colors, fashionable pink, silver and black.

The camera specs are as expected, 7mp 1/2.5", 3x pedestrian optical, 2.5" LCD, SD, AA, etc. Please note that it ships in a blister pack, not in the traditional digital camera box! Blister pack are those air-tight see-through plasticy things that are often impossible to open without scissors or knives. As you can see from the picture, this is not a ultracompact camera, as you can judge by the size of the 2.5" LCD vs the camera body.

Update I was flipping through the Sunday paper and I noticed the Circuit City weekly ad promoting these as "exclusive". They do have more colors than everyone else, they have the green and blue. Here is how I describe those two colors: The deliciously refreshing lime green and the soothing metallic aqua cyan blue. It looks like Samsung forgot to announce them or did everyone ignore their announcement?

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Anonymous said...

I HATE the Samsung S73 camera. The COLOR combinations are WAY TOO UGLY AND UNREAL. Remember the crayola crayons?close up pictures are the worst.The further the better. I noticed that the stupid camera is picking up shadows that doesn't exist. On a scale of 1 0 10 I give it a zero!!!!!!!!