Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Olympus E3, the day after the announcement

Alright we had a day to digest the official Olympus E3 announcement. If you missed it, here is our post discussing the official announcement,and the long wait for the E3, including the first few leaks. But that was yesterday, where do we stand today?

Olympus E3 and new lenses sample pictures

  • Olympus America lens samples from the 12-60 and 50-200.
  • A forum user takes a few shots at the E3 event in NYC.
  • Some E3 pictures with the 12-60 lens are available at the SLRClub (not english) and discussed in the dpreview forums

    Internet Coverage
  • Olympus E3 coverage from around the net at The Imaging Insider.
  • Lots of coverage from the Japanese Olympus E3 launch at (computer-translated)
  • Olympus Africa-themed promotional video.
  • Some coverage from DC Watch Impress (in Japanese).
  • Wanna be among the Olympus Elite? E1 and E3 owners qualify for free membership according to Olympus herself.
  • If you can't speak Japanese or computer-translated J2E, PC Magazine has a summary in english of the Tokyo E3 event. There you will find that Olympus plans hopes for a 20% global market share in the future. Olympus estimates a 7% to 8% global market share for the 12 months ending March 31, 2008 (fiscal year).
  • E3 coverage at The Online Photographer

    Face Offs (Olympus E3 against the world forum discussions)
  • E3 vs D40. Yes, the E3 is not released, but that can't stop the debates!
  • E3 vs Nikon D300
  • A battle of the Live Views! E3 vs E330.

    Forum discussions
  • Good news for dpreview review fans! Olympus will be sending dpreview a production unit as soon as possible to be added to the review queue which includes the 40D, A700 and L10 among others.
  • DSLreports discussion of the Olympus E3. This is a non-denominational forum so users of all brands are participating.
  • On the SAT. No, not the college entrance exams, but Olympus's Shadow Adjustment Technology.
  • Is the E3 a real man's cameras? What about the fake men? What do they get? :)
  • The 14-35 f2.0 lens has sparked some excitment!
  • The obligatory weekly discussion on 4/3rds crop factor and all the associated re-re-re-recycled arguments :)
  • Where in the world is Boostrap?
  • One called the Olympus announcement "pathetic and underwhelming". I imagine fireworks follow...
  • Does the E3 have hidden AF points?
  • What of high ISO performance?
  • The new 50-200 lens is also discussed.
  • This forum user came up with a detailed method to describe Live View capabilities.
  • Where are the E3 trolls now?
  • What do you think of the E3 as a street photographer's camera? Yes, we can now say camera, not chimera :) (Wow, I'm in Dennis Miller mode today!)
  • What do you think of the $1700 price?
  • Is it the same sensor as the E510 or not? And how does it compare to the L10 sensor?
  • The Pop Photo E3 preview is reviewed ;-)
  • On whiners and trolls. Myself, I'm waiting for the E3 in tiger stripes, I can't possibly be seen with a camera that looks like every other camera ;-)
  • You may recall the wild debates over 14-bit RAW for the Nikon D300, D3 and Canon 40D. The E3 is 12-bit RAW.
  • Evaluation of the E3 specs.
  • Don't forget that Olympus has announced a $100 E3 rebate. I'm not sure what the terms are, perhaps it is an upgraders or trade-in rebates? Some discussion in this thread.
  • The dpreview/Olympus situation was even discussed by The Online Photographer.

    ** there maybe a short blog outage at 7pm New York City time tonight ***

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