Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Olympus E3, the final countdown! (we are waiting) (updated - I think we know now!)

And here we are, in the final stretch before the official Olympus E3 revelation (or before a leak becomes a lake). We will be periodically posting updates on the Olympus E3. To make it easier for people who may be refreshing this page at a maddening pace, we will be posting the updates in reverse chronological order (newer updates first). Since this blog is read around the world, I will be posting the time with New York City as the reference point. To calculate the time in your time zone, check the world clock at the TimeAndDate.com

Officially Announced!
The Olympus E3 is now officially announced. We continue our coverage with the official announcement post.

Possible Olympus E3 Specifications (as of 3:09pm New York City time)
Based on what has been leaked and shown here and there. Please note this is not official yet. It may contain mistakes or omissions or typos. Don't sell the house or the car just yet: 10mp (effective) LiveMOS sensor, 5 fps, 11 AF cross-points, TruePIC III, 1/8000 shutter speed, 2.5" twisting LCD (230K), dust bunnies protection, 1.5 million shutter (???), lossless 12-bit RAW compression (from 17MB to 11MB), 49-region metering, ability to use AA batteries (presumably in the grip?), takes CF I/II/MD and xD (dual slot), 12 lossless RAW buffer?, 100% field of view, two image stabilization options, 3 or 5 exposure bracketing, wireless support, BLM-1 battery (600 CIPA), dust/splash-proof body.

Tue Oct 17, 2007: 6pm New York City time

  • It all comes down to MSRP think some people.
  • Of course the ultimate irony is that of all the technology that we have available it was snail mail that broke out the news! Viva snail mail and a victory for the Post Office? :)

    Tue Oct 17, 2007: 5pm New York City time
  • 4-3system.com has created an IRC chat room for those of you who want to discuss the E3 lively and live :-)
  • The Olympus SLR Talk forum is buzzing!
  • Check the "Early Reactions" below for more!
  • Now we are waiting for the official announcements and some of the big unknowns, such as price and availability.

    Early Reactions
  • This dpreview forum users had a hands-on experience with the Olympus E3! Sample pictures coming soon, so be sure to visit and bookmark that thread!
  • Never too early to complain?.
  • Also be sure to check 4-3system.com for more on the E3. Updates at Photography Bay as well.
  • For wall to wall discussions, be sure to park at the Olympus SLR Talk dpreview forum!.
  • And now I'm off to get some lunch, I'll have menu item #3 if it starts with an E ;-)

    Tue October 16, 2007: 3:08pm New York City time - the unofficial reveal of the E3
  • This forum user has received E3 information in the mail. Read all about it!
  • The specs may remind people of the PDF file that was "leaked" in the summer. Some of them made impressive but testable claims, such as 5 stop image stabilization sdvantage and autofocus performance.

    Tuesday October 16, 2007: 2:15pm New York City time
  • Is the cat out of the bag? This thread seems to think so! But is it for real? We report, you decide :)
  • Some details are appearing on the Chinese website PCHome.net (computer translated). This is a 12-page story which decreases the chances of a hoax or wishful thinking.
  • Olympus Singapore has a countdown clock.
  • Nothing posted at Amazon yet (they did post the 40D ahead of its time)

    Tue October 16, 2007: 12pm New York City time
  • Say "Aye" if the waiting is driving you mad :)
  • I'm starting to run out of filler material :)
  • Stay tuned with the Olympus SLR Talk forum.
  • Leaks where are you? Leaks? Hello? Not even Let's Go or Chasseur? :)
  • Imnaging Resource has already created the pages but they are password-protected at the moment :-(

    Tue October 16, 2007: 10am New York City time
  • Olympus and dpreview teased the fans with an announcement of a limited edition lime-green Olympus Stylus 790SW. I haven't done a full spectrum analysis but it looks like they have a lime and an orange edition at Amazon already. Personally I am holding out for the watermelon, or mango or raspberry or papaya. And Olympus can you please make skins that smell like their name? :)
  • As you may recall there was a recent troll post of Olympus selling to Sanyo. Well, maybe it was just random, but it looks like Olympus is selling out to Microsoft. According to the press release at the Imaging Insider, they "signed a broad patent cross-licensing agreement to further the development of each company’s current and future product lines". And "enable Microsoft and Olympus to intensify the R&D efforts in digital imaging technologies". A Microsoft 4/3rds DSLR? Okay, that's stretching it quite a bit, but did you think 20 years ago we would have Microsoft Keyboards and Gaming Consoles? :)
  • The Olympus Forum has also picked up the disussion on the Microsoft News. Will we see a version of the E410 as the Microsoft Xbox 360 E360 DSLR? :-) Probably not, but imagine the possibilities!
  • Imaging Insider will be there for the New York launch later tonight.
  • There's still time to play predit the basic E3 specs! It's the forum game that is sweeping the camera nation! You never know, you could get it right!
  • And if you missed some of the summer coverage on the E3, here are some links from TheOnlinePhotographer and Gidzmodo.
  • There's even a Wiki page.

    Mon October 15, 2007:: 1140pm New York City time
  • If anyone knows more and wants to let me know, please do so! My email is at the bottom of this page :) I promise I won't tell!
  • The 4-3system.com website has posted their analysis on what to expect from the E3.
  • If you missed on the episodic Passion series published by Olympus, this is a good time to catch up.
  • Photography Bay has set up a page specifically for the Olympus E3.
  • The Olympus SLR Talk forum is the place to be for non-stop discussions on the new E3 and all things Olympus.
  • A recap of the Korean revelations in late August at shashinki.com.
  • You can also revisit our mid-August post the Olympus E3 teasers.
  • Some nice pictures of the Olympus E3 body based on previous showings.


    NESOHU said...

    Shashinki is not Korean, not Japanese, but it's a website maintained by a Malaysian

    1001 noisy cameras said...

    Thanks you for your comment! I was referring to the revelations of the E3 in a Korean trade show as the Korean revelations, not the origin of Shashinki :-)