Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Olympus E3 is officially announced, we have a new FourThirds DSLR!

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. The Olympus E3 has been offiically announced! Not only that, but you can pre-order it right now for $1700!

If you missed the excitement leading up to the official announcement, you can relive it, in reverse chronological order in our earlier post.

Internet coverage of the new Olympus E3 DSLR

  • Olympus UK press release at dpreview. Body only UK price is 1100 UK pounds.
  • The official announcement along with a preview of the new Olympus E3 are published at Imaging Resource.
  • A Q&A session with three Olympus product managers at DigitalCameraInfo and Let's Go D.
  • Press release from Olympus USA at Photography Bay.
  • A 17-picture E3 gallery at digitalcamearinfo.
  • Olympus USA press release at dcresource.com where the USA prices are revealed: $1700 for body only with a November shipping date. The optional HLD-4 battery grip (takes 2 BLM-1) will cost $200.
  • Olympus America E3 website.

  • FourThirds Photo has their five-part E3 preview, including an upcoming interview with Mr Terada, one of the creators of the Olympus E3.
  • Included above is a PDF file comparison between the E3 and the other cameras in that price range.
  • Pop Photo got their hands on a pre-production but fully operational camera.
  • Also covered by Olympus Europe.
  • No official announcement in Japan yet. When it does happen, it will be posted at digitalcamera.jp.
  • The next logical step? Waiting for Olympus E3 sample pictures! Can it create the same sample mania that the Nikon D3? Only time will tell!
  • More Olympus 4/3rds coverage at the The Imaging Insider including new stories by Ian Burley of 4/3rds User, oomparing the E3 with the other mid-range cameras out there.
  • And don't forget to vote in our most exiting DSLR poll, now that the E3 has been revealed. The Poll is located in the left hand column, right below the 10 most popular posts here at 1001 Noisy!

    Meet the three new Olympus Digital Zuiko 4/3rds lenses!

  • Details at dcresource.com and Imaging Resource.
  • Digital Zuiko 14-35 (28-70 35mm eq.) f2 SWD ED, $2300, Q1 2008. Pre-order at Amazon right now!
  • Digital Zuiko 12-60 (24-120 35mm eq.) f2.8-4 SWD ED, $1000, November 2007. You can Pre-order now at Amazon!
  • Digital Zuiko 50-200 (100-400 35mm eq.) f2.8-3.5, $1200, December 2007. Pre-order at Amazon right now!

    Meet the Olympus 4/3rd E-System system accessories
  • Olympus Zuiko EC-20 2x Teleconverter for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras, released in early January 2008 for $480.
  • Optional Battery Grip HLD-4 for $200. Details later on.
  • more as they get listed

    Photographer and Forum Reaction to the Olympus E3
  • Wall to wall discussions in the Olympus SLR Talk forum at dpreview.
  • Discussion of the $1700 body-only price. And discussion on its weight, and its Live View feature.
  • Don't hold your breath for an E3 dpreview review.
  • One person thinks the E3 is a day late and a dollar short.
  • Confession time: Who's planning to buy?
  • Analyzing the forum reactions. (Is that kitten really playing guitar???)
  • A forum reader shares his impressions from the NYC Olympus E3 launch event.
  • Not E3 related, but this forum user has compiled a web traffic chart of some of the popular digital camera websites.
  • Some users are sold on the E3.
  • One of at least half a dozen threads are discussing the fact that Olympus did not provide dpreview with an E3 preview unit. Here is one of those discussions.
  • More E-3 discussion at the DSLreports DI Tech forum.
  • And this concludes our wild Olympus E-3 coverage. And if you are already in love with this camera, you can pre-order it from Amazon at $1700.

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