Monday, October 15, 2007

Olympus E3 pre-announcement mania!

Update Oct-16-2007! The Olympus E3 is unofficially revealed. And the official announcement is out!. The E-3 is now a real product. Infact, you can pre-order it at Amazon for $1700.

Okay, it may be a bit early to call it mania, since we don't really know whether it will be the PDF file camera or even better or not. But since we are just a couple of days away, let's see what the photography world thinks!

In the Dpreview Forums

  • Anxiously waiting are the Olympus fans. But can anyone please give us something? Some scraps, some bird seeds, we'll take anything! Well, there are some at the bottom of this post. It's not going to be an E510 on steroids, but perhaps a totally different camera. One of the biggest fears of Olympus fans is that the new camera will be a glorified E510, instead of an E1-level camera.
  • Will Olympus ditch CCDs? (a troll post). And another one here?
  • One user is worried this won't be an exciting camera.
  • And where's the fun without a conspiracy theory? Canon and Nikon trying to forum-sabotage the E3 via excessive troll posting?
  • An on-going thread on what the E3 should be.
  • The E3 doesn't exist yet, but why can't we compare the E3 with the Canon 40D?
  • Will the E3 cause a price drop in other E-gear?
  • Let's call Maria Bartiromo and analyze Olympus's place in the stock market!
  • Will everyone go to 35mm FF leaving 4/3rds the only non-35mmFF size? Given that the source of sensors is limited, this is not an unlikely scenario. But will it happen for the masses? It's one thing to have a $2000 35mmFF DSLR but can you make a $500 DSLR? If not, then the vast majority of DSLR users will be at DX/APS-C.
  • A technical discussion on potential sensor designs.
  • An older discussion of the alleged Shanghai NDA leak.
  • And there's a friendly contest on guessing the E3 specs!

    Around the Net
  • PhotographyBay has info on the launch event in New York and they have setup a page covering the Olympus E3. There you will find a collection of references.
  • Our post on the E3 teasers from August 2007.

    Getting to know Four Thirds
  • If you are not intimately familiar with 4/3rds, the excellent website has a nice summary of 4/3rds DSLRs and lenses.
  • There is a 4/3rds Wiki too.
  • There's also the Four Thirds User website and MyFourThirds.
  • A story on Olympus's TruePic III.
  • And a counterpoint of view on 4/3rds.
  • Interested in pictures from 4/3rds cameras? Check this flickr group.

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