Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Overheard in the dpreview forums

  • Trolling or rumor? This user claims that Olympus will be merging/selling their camera business with Sanyo. We mis-report, you decide with your gut!
  • Spanish site Quesabasde has a hands-on preview of the Casio 60fps unnamed prototype model. Discussion follows. There we find out to expect this camera around March 2008. Given the buzz the 60fps is genarating, perhaps Casio should name it "The 60fps". Direct link to the Quesabesde story in Spanish here with at least a dozen pictures of the prototype in use. No pictures from the camera however. Gracias por la preview Quesabesde :)
  • The list of PMA 2008 exhibitors list is discussed, and as we know it's never too early to start speculating about PMA 2008, especially since it's happening earlier than before.
  • Flash Bracketing. Fact or fiction?
  • Confession time! Who has switched back to film?
  • How about some exposure basics?
  • Some discussions from the Pro Digital forum: Who owns the pictures?, rejected by shutterstock, Do pros get it right every time?
  • What to get for students who need a 35mm fully manual film camera? Haven't the teachers learned about digital? Do we really need to be polluting the environment with film development byproducts :)
  • This user has a rumor from Samsung.
  • More from the rumorville, will we see a Ricoh GRD2 in November?
  • Likes and dislikes of the Panasonic FZ18.

    Part II
  • Another rumor, a full frame DSLR for under $2000? Pentax users are discussing it, but it started in the Canon forum, disecting the UPC bar code entry for a Canon 7D. This is supposed to be a 12mp 5fps 35mm FF Canon DSLR, similar to the 5D in some ways perhaps and listed at $1900. Could it be or is it wild dreams? We do not have the answer, but we do have the link to the discussion :)
  • Pentax users what do you think of da DA 50-200 lens?
  • If you could ask the Pentax designers a question or two, what would you ask?. I would ask who come up with the name "Starist" and how much they paid the marketing firm that came up with the slogan "the official camera of the internet" :-)
  • The calls to Pentax for a firmware update continue.
  • Question: PEF or DNG?. Finally a reasonable standard (DNG) but manufacturers are afraid to embrace it because they are worried about control. Control issues!
  • Trade-offs, trade-offs, noise vs megapixels.
  • And a parody of the camera-specs fever.
  • A first hand look at the Sony H3, Sony's answer to the fun-zoom segment that broke out with the Panasonic TZ-series. Although I would like to point out that the TZ-series was not the first attempt at fun zooms, it was the one that picked up popularity.
  • The Sony R1 fever continues. And a first photo for a new user. It's that special moment, the first pictures from a brand new camera, those moments that feed your camera addiction?
  • This user dissects the Sony Cybershot P200. Do not try this at home unless you know what you are doing!
  • And of course the day is not complete without a discussion on noise reduction. Are we really force-fed? I'd rather be force-fed tiramisu, not NRisu!
  • Will the hypothetical Sony A900 flagship use the same sensor as the Nikon D3?
  • Let's take the Sony A700 to the Zoo! Is Sony that 800lb gorilla at the zoo?
  • Episode 17 of the CHDK discussion and a special edition for the G7.
  • What do you do with your G9 pictures? And where is the G9 made?
  • Dozens more shorter threads on the Canon G9 in the Canon Talk forum.
  • The Canon and Nikon DSLR discussions will be featured in tomorrow's edition.

    Face Offs
  • Olympus E1 vs E400.
  • Canon G7 vs G9

    Olympus E3 mania!
  • Olympus users debate whether the 10mp sensor of the E510/E410 will be sufficient for a high-end camera like the E3.
  • Olympus Korea will be having an E3 launch on October 21.
  • This forum user summarizes the big E3 questions.
  • On pricing, and on size.
  • The Troll Whisperer has a facts vs speculation post.
  • Let the countdown begin!
  • Will it have a 12 megapixel sensor?

    Rumors Summary
    In the posts above we have the following rumors: Canon 7D, Ricoh GRD2, new DSLR from Samsung with more than 10mp, Sony A900 sensor, Olympus-Sanyo merge/sale. Again, please consider the natura and source of the rumors. We post them since they are topics of discussion, but they could be real or they could be someone's dream or nightmare :)

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