Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photography Soup Express (Oct 10)

Around the Internets

  • Scott Kelby discusses Epson's new fiber paper and he invites us to take a video look at his new book, the "7-point system to Photoshop" which will go on sale on October 19, and you can pre-order it at Amazon right now.
  • Fuji has made an announcement in Japan! Hooray! Is it new cameras? No! It's two printers. Boooo! Not because we don't like the printers, but because we are hoping for prosumers from Fuji as well as new cameras using the 6mp "magic SuperCCD sensor". has the details. The two printers are using Fuji's IrSimple and they are named Finepix QS70 and Finepix QS7. They go on sale in Japan in 10 days from now.
  • And now let's go inside the Imaging Insider where we find how to tips, press releases, ExpoAperture2, the Creepshow - the psychic drama of photography, Fujitsu showcasing e-paper at CEATEC in Japan, camera reviews, are we damaging our eyes because of photography, and tons more!
  • Jason Moore profiled some of the top bloggers-photographers on his website, and David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk is one of them.
  • Speaking of Jason Moore, be sure to check his P&P Weekly, where he lists topics and pictures where the worlds of photography and photoshop intersect.
  • Amin's Photo blog informs Ricoh fans that there is a Ricoh group on Facebook. He also discusses some of the mysteries of Venus, no, not the planet, but Panasonic's Venus III controversial imaging engine.

    The Noisy Question of the Day
    Just six days away from the official Olympus revelation! The anticipation, anxiety and curiousity are rising! The big questions, will this camera rise to the occasion? How close will it be to the PDF file that was leaked a few weeks ago? Will Olympus and 4/3rds users be happy with it or compare/constrast with CaNikon and be disappointed if the spec sheets don't match? Will it be perceived and received as a worthwhile replacement to the Olympus E1 or a glorified version of the Olympus E510? So many questions and much time to ponder!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
    If you missed this update from Maria Bartiromo on CNBC, this segment got a spin-off today, it has its own post.

    This Noisy Blog
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  • Don't forget to vote and debate in the Unspun poll for your Favorite (or best) DSLRs of all time. 70+ DSLRs and two digital rangefinders have been entered. You can rank one or you can rank all 70+ of them! It's fun if you like this type of thing! Check it out!
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