Monday, October 15, 2007

Photography Soup Express (Oct 15)

Photoshop User TV
A big thank you to Photoshop User TV for featuring this noisy blog in Episode 103 of Photoshop User TV. Photoshop User TV (PSU TV) is a weekly online TV show featuring The Photoshop Guys, Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, and Matt Kloskowski discussing all things Photoshop. Every single previous episode is available in their podcast library. NAPP members get free access to all past episodes.

Recent 1001 Noisy posts

  • A recap of some of the recent busy-waiting actions and reactions on the Olympus E3. The clock is ticking, tick tock, tick tock! We are waiting! Leaks where are you? We will be shortly posting an Olympus E3 dedicated post, once we finish this update. Unless a leak becomes a lake and then we'll have to go into E3 mode :)
  • We have just added an On Notice board. Eight different items have been added to our On Notice board. Not familiar with the concept? Check the post to find out all the details!
  • This week is Promote this Blog week. Thanks to all the readers and friends of this blog for their support! To paraphrase PBS, this blog depends on Readers like you!
  • We also posted a brief history of Four Thirds (not written by Stephen Hawking), and faux-editiorial musings on the Nikon D3 and Olympus E3. It is quite interesting how similar their model names are, but the E3 is a letter ahead of the D3. Will that be the case when the E3 is announced? Probably not, but we won't know until we know :)
  • We apologize if you experienced any technical issues with the blog, Blogger was performing some system maintenance earlier today.

    Around the Internets
  • The Imaging Insider is at the Lucie Awards in NYC. The honorees of the Lucie awards this year are: Elliott Erwitt, Ralph GIbson, Philip Jones Griffiths, Kenro Izue, Heinz Kluetmeir, Eugene Richards, Lord Snowdon, Deborah Turbeville, and Howard Zieff according to the Imaging Insider. Lots of stories at the Insider including a DIY Photoshop'ed Xmas card, a new Ansel Adams exhibit, a big mash of online photographic tools and resources, camera reviews, image stabilization tests, new numbers from the NPD Group, and lots more.
  • The Panasonic FZ18 was recently reviewed by Details at RAWsumer since the FZ18 qualifies as a RAWsumer. RAWsumer being a non-DSLR camera that support RAW natively.
  • David Ziser discusses FotoFlexer in his Digital Pro Talk blog.
  • To paraphrase an 80s song, Ricoh Users of the world unite and take over! Details at Amin's Photo blog on a Ricoh user's group at Facebook.
  • A thank you goes to photography news site Photo News Today for covering some of our recent Noisy blog posts and to the Digital Photo SIG for adding our feed to their group's website.
  • Meanwhile Engadget has a recurring rumor: Will HP buy Kodak? Buy one Sanyo clone get one free? Joking aside, this is interesting. But would the combination of the two companies actually bode well for mid-range and advanced cameras? Or be a NO-OP?

    Contests and Giveaways
  • A very good chance at free stuff as Scott Kelby has a big giveaway, the lucky winner will receive a free iPhone while 10 runner-ups will receive an iPhone book written by Scott. All you have to do is fill up an entry form and hope you are lucky! This is part of a promotional campaign for Kelby's new book "The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone".
  • I'm sure you are all familiar with the iPhone. If you are wondering about the iPhone book, here is the Amazon page for it.
  • The OK1000 blog has details on a new contest by Tamron. The winner will receive a Tamron AF 18-250mm Di II lens in the mount of their choice.

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