Thursday, October 4, 2007

Photography Soup Express (Oct 4)


  • The UPC hunters have unearthed a new nugget, an entry for a Canon 7D according to CNet's Crave blog. But please treat this as a rumor because almost anyone can post UPC codes. So your best bet if you want a Canon 7 is to get a Canon EOS Elan 7 35mm film SLR ;-)

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    Around the Internets
  • reports from the CEATAC 2007 trade show. None of the traditional SLR manufacturers were there, but Sony and Panasonic were there to showcase their new products including the Sony A700 and Panasonic L10.
  • A new wave of new news at the Imaging Insider, including a discussion on Canon sensors, camera hacking, camera reviews, photography exhibitions, pixel peepers, press releases and tons more. Did I mention there's also a new Leica M8 digital review?
  • A new round-up has been posted at Scott Kelby's Blog with emphasis on Photoshop related content. Also mentioned there is a digital workflow white paper by Moose.
  • Digital Pro Talk updates their Photoshop tutorials listing, and has another edition of the Tuesday Technique, discussing highlight tone priority. This feature may become the Av/Tv of the digital generation?
  • informs us that there is a new special edition GE camera that will be launched in co-operation with the tv shopping channel HSN on October 20, and part of the proceeds will go to a good cause, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation fighting breast cancer. The camera itself is the H855, a pink or dressy-black version of the E850. As you can see from the model number, they added a 5 and moved a little bit further up the alphabet. It features an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 5x optical but it starts at 28mm.
  • New updates at Image Sensors World, including Broadcom dreaming of 12mp 720p HD video for cell phones, Micron's dollars and sense, and another round of IDM vs Fabless.
  • Do you know your digital camera history? Because if you don't, you are doomed to repeat it ;-)
  • If you are wondering why there are no new updates at, it's because they are on a well-deserved vacation.
  • The Online Photographer is looking for writers, and they have just posted a nice tutorial on Flickr. Beware, there's a giant face staring at you on the other side of the link!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
    It looks like this post wasn't so express after all, so this segment got a spin-off with its own Overheard in the dpreview forums post. No, Maria Bartiromo won't be reporting on this spin-off :)

    Discover New Blogs and Sites
  • RRD photo blog is produced by freelance photographer and tech guru, RDD. Note: Today's post has an uncensored war photograph by Peter van Agtmael.
  • How about a blog devoted to Holga photos?
  • Have you heard about Ron Reznick's Sureshot system?
  • Want your blog or site featured here? Just let me know! It's that easy. Assuming it's on camera and photo. Sorry, no ice-cream recipe or elephant biology blogs will be posted here ;-)

    This Noisy Blog
  • Just added: Thanks to a fellow imaging blogger for suggesting this, I have now have added Blog Rush, a blog syndication network.
  • Less than ten days to vote in our most exciting new DSLR poll, and the Nikon D300 is going back and forth with the mythical Olympus E3/E-P1. The poll is located further down the left column (sidebar).
  • You may have noticed that as of yesterday we switched to a three column template from a two column template. If you have any feedback on that, please "lettuce" know :)
  • Also new, the feed of this blog is now burned using FeedBurner. Here is our Feedburner Feed.
  • Did you notice all the cutesy little buttons appearing all over the blog? I noticed them too, partly because I put them there :) They are links to social bookmarking websites and news feed readers. So if you see any stories you like social-bookmark away, and if you like the flexibility of news feeds, feed away! I promise I won't over-do the cutesy buttons ;-)
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