Friday, October 5, 2007

Photography Soup Express (Oct 5)

Around the Internets

  • A detailed article on being successful with stock photo agencies, along with an ensuing reader discussion at The author also shares an account of his personal earnings from this venture, having over 600 photos online.
  • The news are streaming at the Imaging Insider. A sampling of the latest stories: a man gets in trouble for taking pictures of women's legs, Canon Malaysia makes a push, part of Kodak history is de-bricked, a new Ricoh GX100 review, and lots more.
  • Photographers and airport security at Photoshop Insider.
  • A $10 DIY fisheye lens? Check Digital Pro Talk for more!

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • Comparing 14-bit modes, Canon 40D vs Nikon D300.
  • A big dramatic forum saga, Minolta fans join Sony or leave! Oh some people love the drama.
  • You can take videos with the Canon 40D? The answer.
  • Burst modes, bit depths, image quality and more in this subtle Canon vs Nikon thread.
  • Speaking of videos, the new EU tax on cameras with high speed video continues to be a hot topic!. I hope the bureaucrats come to their sense and don't penalize both consumers and technology companies by stiffling innovation!
  • Hands-on first impressions with the D300 for this lucky user at The Expo in Paris. ISO test pictures are included, including the originals. And if you are sold on the D300, you can pre-order it now!
  • Why no distortions at 28mm with the Panasonic FZ18? This user may have found something! More on the FZ18 here
  • An early discussion on the new Pentax (Tamron?) 18-250 DA lens.
  • It's not a complete day unless you read a full frame debate.
  • A DXO version 5 demo is discussed.
  • More and more cameras are opting for LiIon batteries. But what will happen to them in five years?
  • The Zero Noise Photography Technique has almost filled Part II of the discussion. I have a suggestion for zero noise photography: Don't take a picture :)
  • Will camera companies get sued for dropping their prices? iApple just did for idropping the iPhone iPrice.
  • Allergic to post-production work?
  • This experienced photographer has some interesting findings on the sensors of the Panasonic L1 and Olympus E330.
  • This user informs us that the Olympus E510 body only is down to $690 at Amazon. Get yours now!
  • A long time Olympus user switches to Nikon. That apparently didn't sit well with the fanboys.
  • This is a fun question, how many "pros" went to photography school? Another user asks whether pho school is a good idea.
  • Photography blog's review of the Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd is discussed. I continue to find it amusing that a digital camera is called Fujifilm :)
  • And while the Canon 1D Mark III is still ironed out, this user thinks the Canon 1D Mark III N will be full frame. Is it me or don't you think a full frame change would at least warrant a Mark IV?
  • What was lost going from the D200 to the D300? Surely there must be something!
  • Not everyone wants a full frame Nikon.
  • The portrait of the D3 as a landscape camera? (in case this doesn't make sense, it's a bungled reference to a >certain book)
  • What are you selling so you can afford the D3?
  • AF assist lamp, where are you hiding?

    Reading is fun-da-mental

    This Noisy Blog!
  • While the three column design is now glued in the blog, the formatting is always changing. There's a couple of reformatting ideas I am thinking about, so you may see of that in the next few days.
  • We have joined the Blog Rush blog syndication network, check their news feed on our left column. If you think it's a good idea, please feel free to join using our referral link.
  • Don't forget to vote in our Most Exciting DSLR poll, and the battle for #2 is raging on between the Nikon D300 and the Olympus E3. Meanwhile the mythical Canon 5D Mark II is seen as the New Hope for Canon users as it has picked up momentum. Because the Olympus E3 is to be announced in mid-October and we still don't know if/when then next Pentax mid-range will be announced, and whether Canon will spring a November surprise, you will be thrilled to find out that we have extended the voting in the poll until December 31, 2007. This seems like the fair thing to do, it gives the unannounced camears a chance to earn or lose votes based on hard evidence.
  • We saw this new very lightweight RSS feeder at Amin's Photo blog so we decided to give it a try as well. It converts an RSS feed to Javascript, offered by

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