Monday, October 22, 2007

Photography Soup (Monday, October 22)

News from Japan

  • informs us (computer-translated) of a brand new Polaroid digital camera launched in Japan. The camera looks very familiar in style *hint* *hint* Polaroid Japan press release, also computer-translated. The Polaroid T730 is a 7mp 1/2.5", 3x optical (34-102mm eq), 2.5" (230K) LCD, max ISO 400 (some common sense?) and 19.1mm thin. Where have I heard that 19.1mm number before? :-) Available in silver or black.

    Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Catch up with the latest from the wide world of digital imaging at the Imaging Insider.
  • Step-up DSLRs heat up the market at Photo Plus NYC.
  • A video test of the splashproofness of the Olympus E3 by Master Chong.
  • A CBS photographer turns 95.
  • What's a fast lens?

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  • A nice post found in the Blog Rush widget, from Neil Creek's blog, The first question every photographer must answer.
  • Some great tips on portrait photography at the Alpha Photography Blog.
  • Reading the light, an article from the photography business tips blog.
  • We also discovered this nicely weekly column, This week in the Digital Photography School.
  • If you love coffee, you will love this coffee assignment at the Digital Photography School (DPS). Excuse me while I fire up the espresso machine :)
  • This and many other interesting articles are circulating around the net with the new blog syndication network Blog Rush.

    Overheard in the dpreview forums
  • This power user spent three hours comparing the Nikon D3, D300 and D200 at the Photo Plus show in NYC. Read all about it! (Memo to the post author: Please feel free to mix in a paragraph break).
  • Some Nikonians think that the DX format is dead. Expect fireworks :)
  • High ISO duel, the A100 vs the A700 at ISO 1600.
  • Prime-al cravings.
  • Mayima on the run?
  • Let's have an E1 appreciation day.
  • Is the D300 worth it?
  • If you think these threads are wild, here are some wildlife pictures.

    This Noisy Blog
  • If you were visiting yesterday, you have noticed some reformatting work in progress. We made a minor face-lift to the blog while we gave the blog a headache. Web site design is not our forte by a long shot :) Hopefully this more usable. Please let us know what you think.
  • The DSLR Playoffs will begin on Tuesday. Have you picked a team? The matchups look like they are going to be Nikon D300 vs Olympus E3 and Nikon D3 vs Canon 40D.

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