Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photography Soup (Thursday October 18, 2007)

Olympus E3 Mania!

  • was there at the Olympus E3 launch event at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Check their detailed report! We found this great post on the BlogRush blog syndication network. Look for the BlogRush widget in the middle of the right column of this noisy blog for a variety of stories of camera and photo interest.
  • Lots of E3 coverage at the Imaging Insider.
  • The Olympus E3 is available for pre-ordering at It appears to be "currently unavailable" at Amazon.

    Around the Internets
  • Scott Kelby is in NYC for the PhotoPlus Expo. Scott reports from the Kelby Training Booth. Scott was recently interviewed by Inside Digital Photo about his new book The Photoshop 7-point system.
  • What is Inside Digital Photo you ask? They are a variety of radio and television programs geared towards digital photography enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Also at the PhotoPlus Expo is the Imaging Insider. Be sure to check them out for waves of new news, tutorials, podcasts, how-to tips, camera reviews, lots more.
  • Another great site to check out is the Digital Photography Connection. They are suited for all levels of photographers, whether you are just discovering photography or you are a grizzled veteran :) They have shooting tutorials, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials and also Photography 101 tutorials for those who are at the beginner's stage. They also have two podcasts for digital photograhers, one Photoshop-oriented and one Lightroom-oriented.
  • Fell behind on some of the recent digital cameras reviews? Catch up courtesy of the Imaging Insider.
  • Another interesting blog we found via BlogRush was The Right Pic blog, a blog for the stock photography site with the same name.

    Speculation Segment
    There was some Google Search buzz on Panasonic LX3 leaks, but I haven't seen anything new mentioned. We are fast-approaching November, and it is very rare to get new cameras after the end of October. Although we did have a couple of November surprises the last couple of years, so one can never really know. Perhaps the early arrival of PMA 2008 (late Jan/early Feb 2008) may alter some of the manufacturers plans and announcement cycles?

    Reading is fun-da-mental!
    Today we have three books of interest for digital photography readers:
  • Mastering Digital Photography by David Busch and Mastering Digital SLR Photography also by David Busch.
  • Understanding digital cameras by Jon Terrant

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  • All apologies for the technical issues Blogger was having with the Reader Polls. It appears that now it has been sorted out. Thanks for your patience. The poll battle for #2 is between the Nikon D300 and the Olympus E3. One week after the E3 announcement we will be having something fun: DSLR Playoffs :) Stay tuned!

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