Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Photography Soup (Wedn October 24)

Around the Internets

  • Your chance to win a double DVD set of David Ziser's critically acclaimed Digital Photography seminar. Details in David's blog. All you have to do is an answer a Photoshop question. The first person who gets it right wins! More digitals details on David's Digital Wake Up Call extended dvd set. Four and a half hours runtime.

  • Also from David, HDR, film smells funny, his comments on the Canon 580 EX II and lots more. Also throughout the blog you will find some of David's excellent pictures.

  • Is photography 50% capture and 50% post-processing?

  • Digital Photography School has a nice article on four alternative Nikon kit lenses.

  • Ricoh teases its fans by announcing limited edition specials on the Ricoh GRD and GX100. More at Of course what most Ricoh fans want to hear about are a GRD2 and a GX120, or something like that :)

  • A new episode of Photoshop User TV has been posted! The Photoshop Guys are half of 4/3rds in this episode. Read on to solve this mini-riddle :) Check out episode 104 which covers:
    How to create a flexible action for a LAB color boost, some benefits of creating a smart object from a layer group, a great-looking backlight technique for wedding photos, and information about Epson’s new Exhibition Fiber Paper.

  • Top Stories Today
  • dpreview reviews the Canon 40D.

  • Sony introduces a new T-series camera with 4gb on-board memory. Pre-order available: Amazon ($350).

  • Future plans from Hoya-Pentax are discussed in this long-running thread at

  • From, Pentax postpones the sale of the Optio A40 in Japan. This is not your typical postponement, the camera won't come out until February 2008. Ouch! A fire at a Matsushita factory is cited as the cause for the delay as the battery won't be avaiable. Rechargeable AA battery fans will point out that if the camera was using AA batteries it would have been released on schedule.

  • Inside the Imaging Insider
  • Great news for Sony fans! Sony is profitable thanks to your digital camera purchases. As you may recall, Sony tightined up its product line-up and it looks like this partially helped tighten up their finances.

  • More cameras of interest are getting reviewed: Fuji F50fd, Kodak Z812IS.

  • Ed Weston's "Nautilus" fetches over $1 million in an auction. I wish my eBay auctions did that :)

  • New photography website from National Geographic.

  • Fuji launches a new color (yes new color) for the trendy Z10fd camera. The smart people there gave it the name Big Apple Green while launching it in the Big Apple. Fuji, can you please release an F31fd update with SD and sensor-shift stabilization? Make it Apple Green or Mango or Burnt Orange if you must :)

  • The PDN Photo Plus official shows has a red dot report on Leica Summarit M lenses.

  • Kodak says that consumers view photography less seriously. Some could point out that the opposite may also be true: Photographers view Kodak less seriously ;-) (OUCH!)

  • Your source for a wide angle view of the latest happenings in digital imaging is Imaging Insider.

  • This Noisy Blog
  • The DSLR Playoffs are under way! We are on day 2 of seven and as expected the Olympus E3 vs Nikon D300 vote is close. The DSLR Playoffs are taking place at the Top of the Right Blog Column Arena here at 1001 Noisy CamerasVille.

  • We have updated our photography tv listings for October 2007. We are also working on the November tv listings which we will post next week.

  • You may have noticed something new in this blog, we have added a list of our most recent posts at the bottom of the page. This helps improve navigation and gives our readers a chance to read and discover more of 1001 Noisy. For those with blogs who may want to try it on your own blog, here are some details.
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