Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reactions to the Ricoh GRD II announcement

If you missed your first wave of Ricoh GRD2 coverage, be sure to catch up with our morning update. Then come back here for more :)

Update! (monthly production output revealed!)
The Ricoh press release is posted by Ricoh Japan, and in there we discover the monthly production output of the Ricoh GRD2. The number is *drum roll* 5,000 units per month, which explains why we are getting the same price as the original GR D. Clearly this camera is targeting a very specific audience who may be willing to pay top dollar for such a camera.

More GRD II coverage on the net

  • Official Announcement on dpreview. There we learn that the UK price will be 400 UK pounds.
  • Ricoh Global web page dedicated to the GRD2.
  • A reminder, Ricoh uses the proposed Adobe standard DNG for its RAW files.
  • Ricoh GRD2 Brochure (PDF file).
  • From the horse's mouth: Official GRD II sample pictures, a total of seven, available as full size downloads, but they are all ISO 100 for those of you ready to pixel peep :) Peep-Peep!
  • Also courtesy of Ricoh, this is the GR D II system chart, which includes a total of 14 types of accessories
  • Also at The Online Photographer
  • Think Camera gives the GRD2 some love

    Adorama is accepting pre-orders (North America)
    Adorama is accepting pre-orders for the Ricoh GRD II in the USA for $700. It is expected to start shipping around Thanksgiving time. The camera is also available from Adorama on Amazon for $700 as well.

    Forum Discussions
  • The Fred Miranda forum readers are discussing the II. There we learn that Sean Reid has an in-depth review on his site. Sean Reid's site is by subscription only, one of the few websites that follow the subscription model.
  • We follow the subscription model too, we pay our readers to read this blog ;-)
  • The non-denominational crowd in the dpreview News forum takes a look at it. It of course being the GRD2 :)
  • Meanwhile in the dpreview Ricoh forum we find more discussions of interest.
  • The announcement thread is close to 100 replies.
  • This forum user has done a very good job in dissecting the spec sheets and comparing it with the GR D I.
  • The firmware upgrade for the GRD I that gives it some of the II features is discussed as well. It is so nice of Ricoh, two years after the camera release to add new features to it. It goes to show that Ricoh is doing all the right things to earn itself a bigger share of the pie.
  • And some questions.
  • Waiting for the GRD2.
  • And to put things in perspective, here is a GRD I vs GX 100 comparison.
  • The Ricoh news are also discussed at the aptly named RicohForum.com.
  • Flickr user are also discussing.

    1001 Noisy Opinion
    What do I think? While some Ricoh fans have been disappointed because this was an incremental update and not a big update, using perhaps a larger sensor, I personally think that if indeed the testable claims made by Ricoh hold true for the most part, they'll have a successful camera in their hands.

    Because this is a unique design among current digital cameras, and because their supply will probably be limited, they can get away with charging the current prices (same as GRD I starting price, $700, 400 UK pounds).

    If the noise situation is improved as promised, battery life is 350+, ISO 400 is as clean as ISO 100 of the GRD Mark I, RAW write speeds are indeed under 4s, with a buffer of two (okay, that's a little bit stingy), then it will be well worth it. These are what I call testable claimis because more or less they can be measured by the testers.

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