Monday, October 29, 2007

Recap of everything we posted during the weekend

We have been posting a few long articles so it may have buried some of the stories of interest. This post is a quick recap of what we posted in the last few days!

Update #2: 13 hours left in the DSLR Playoffs and the Nikon D300 leads the Olympus E3 by just two votes! Your vote can make a difference one way or the other. This promises to be a close vote!

Update #1: Continuing with the Web2.0-ificiation of this blog we added a new widget called the Top Spots. It is like a Tip Jar but with benefits. You can tip this blog and in return you get a link of your choice to appear in the widget. The tip is set to the minimum which is $1.

Less than 24 hours are left in the DSLR Playoffs, and the Nikon D300 vs Olympus E3 race is too close to call, with the two cameras either tied or one or two vote apart. It is up to you, the readers, to decide which one advances to the finals! Your vote could make a difference :-) As expected the other matchup between the D3 and 40D was a no-contest as the D3 clearly overmatched the 40D.

Currently on-going is a very long (some may call it crazy) attempt to "map" every single digital camera that is currently available. By "every" we mean the major manufcturers, do not expect to find the Hello Kitty or the $20 disposables. We have already written up Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji with Sigma, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Leica, Ricoh, Casio, Samsung, Kodak, HP, and more coming up. At the moment this is one very long article. Since it has no pictures, it should load pretty fast. But it will take forever to read :-) So be sure to bookmark it in your favorite online bookmarking sites :)

Also posted over the weekend was another long work in progress article, PMA 2008 speculations. We posted a general outline covering the most important camera models, but over time this will be expanded to an annoyingly long version (or broken up into pieces by company name).

Also during the weekend, we came up with a Noisy approach to Reader Appreciation. We have created a page where the blog's readers can showcase their website, galleries, blogs, or anything else they want - also known as the 1001 Noisy Readers :) Remember 1001 has a double meaning, not just the number, but it is also binary which represents the digital in digital photography :)

We also posted our weekly week in review, where you can find all seventeen (17) posts we created during the last seven days.

On the blogging front we were thrilled to discover that we were graced with a Page Rank of 4 by Google. Thank you readers and friends and supporters of this blog for helping this blog grow!

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